Call of Duty update tells you to kill the top Modern Warfare 2 players

The latest Call of Duty update introduces a new mode ordering you to kill the best Modern Warfare 2 players, as the CoD FPS game rolls on alongside Warzone 2

Call of Duty update tells you to kill the top Modern Warfare 2 players. A soldier with shaved hair, Soap from CoD Modern Warfare 2, wears an earpiece.

The new Call of Duty update introduces a fresh mode to Modern Warfare 2 whereby the best and most successful players are transformed into high-value targets, meaning the better you are at the CoD FPS game, the more likely opponents will come gunning for you, as Infinity Ward and Activision head towards Modern Warfare 2 season two alongside Warzone 2.

Bounty mode is an alternative to team deathmatch wherein the strongest and highest-scoring members of each team are singled out and given a  glowing red marker over their names, ordering opponents to hunt them down. Equipped with the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, if you can locate and eliminate these skillful adversaries, you’ll score double the amount of points towards your team’s overall kill tally.

It’s similar to the comeback system in Dota 2, where if you take down players on a killstreak it rewards bonus gold and experience. Turning the tables on the most skillful players, and incentivising your team to focus on pinning them down could make bounty mode feel a bit fairer and more balanced than traditional team deathmatch.

It also gives the very top operators, those deadly veterans scoring headshot after headshot with the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifles, a chance to seriously test their skills. In order to keep things fair, however, after a certain amount of time the HVT status will swap onto a different high-performing player, so no-one has to endure a full match with a bullseye on their back.

Bounty mode is available now, and covers all the maps from traditional team deathmatch. Whether you’re hunting for a top-player pelt, or fancy taking on all comers as an HVT yourself, you’ll want the correct tools in the form of the best M4 loadout.

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