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Call of Duty map voting needs to come back for Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty needs to bring back a somewhat lost feature, as many are calling for Modern Warfare 2 map voting to make its way into the FPS game

Call of Duty map voting needs to come back for Modern Warfare 2

Many are calling for Modern Warfare 2 map voting to return to Call of Duty, as the current iteration of the FPS game doesn’t let your lobby influence which map it would like to play on, leading to some dropouts in the multiplayer game when a map most players don’t like comes up. That said, what should this map voting system look like if Infinity Ward implemented it – after all, the series has gone through a few iterations.

There have been plenty of map voting systems in the Call of Duty series, but the new Modern Warfare 2 has none of it and many players are frustrated by the change. So when the maps most fans hate most, like Taraq and Border Crossing, show up in the game, there’s no option to skip unless you want to leave the lobby. Not even the best Modern Warfare 2 guns can save you from the exploding vehicles of Border Crossing, sorry.

Giving the players the power to vote on maps has always been a fun little CoD feature, just like getting a nuke, and I’m honestly surprised developers don’t still use it, if only to help feedback on map preferences with the most votes for and against.

As shown in a popular Reddit post though, it’s not as simple as just ‘adding Modern Warfare 2 map voting’, as there have been multiple iterations of the feature. So which is best? Well the original Modern Warfare 2 had to reach a certain number of votes for a skip, with Modern Warfare 3 letting you pick between two maps, and Black Ops 3 letting you play the same map again. I wouldn’t expect the feature in Modern Warfare 2 season 1, or anytime soon, to be honest.

Whatever your opinion on these different ways of choosing maps, surely a Modern Warfare 2 map voting system would be better than none? As mentioned earlier it provides another player of player choice, and can even help Infinity Ward see which maps are the most and least popular as well. Combine this with the ongoing freezes while waiting in lobbies, and you’ve got a recipe for player discontent.

You can check out the Modern Warfare 2 map Reddit thread on the website.

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