How to view your KD and Modern Warfare 2 player stats

Modern Warfare 2 player stats are now available in game following the season one release update, so we found out where to find them in-game

View KD Modern Warfare 2: a female operator in a wetsuit with a Scar rifle

Are you looking for your Modern Warfare 2 KD and player stats? Whether you’re competitive or not, it’s still always interesting to see how well you’re playing in Call of Duty, how high your kill-death ratio is, or just how many hours you’ve plowed into the latest game. Now you can see your Modern Warfare 2 player stats and KD ratio in-game.

Following the Modern Warfare 2 season one update, you can now access your player stats through the in-game launcher menu in the multiplayer game, showcasing all your most interesting facts and figures. Here’s all the Modern Warfare 2 player stats you can find, and where to find them.


How to find your Modern Warfare 2 KD and player stats: the stats dashboard and menu in-game

Modern Warfare 2 KD and player stats

By pressing F1 on PC and accessing the Modern Warfare 2 launcher menu, or by clicking the menu button in the top right-hand corner of the game screen, you’ll see a “stats” button. Click on this, and you’ll be taken to you player stats dashboard.

Here, you can view a range of statistics, from the classics like your kill-death and win-loss ratios, to your highest killstreak, and most wins by game mode. You can also find out which weapon you’re most successful with – perhaps to bump that KD – and how long you’ve spent in-game.

If you’re unpleasantly surprised by your stats, you can always try improving your KD by checking out our guides to the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, plus all the perks and killstreaks you can equip in the FPS game. If you haven’t already, start grinding for either the best M4 loadout or the best MP5 loadout – they’re almost always the best primaries in the game, and you can use the M4 right out of the gates.