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Best MW3 assault rifles for the current meta

We have compiled a list of the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3, so you’ll know which MW3 AR to take with you in your next session.

What is the best MW3 assault rifle? Assault Rifles are a Call of Duty staple; you’ll find that these guns are useful in a variety of different situations, and are bread and butter for nearly every player. Modern Warfare 3 ARs are also a highly-adaptable weapon and can be kitted out in the gunsmith to suit your own playstyle.

With the Modern Warfare 3 release date barreling towards us at speed, there isn’t long left to nail down your starting MW3 loadout and figure out which weapon you will max out first. Assault rifles are an excellent place to start, as they can be quite forgiving, allowing you to perfect your own brand of Modern Warfare 3 destruction, and get used to the MW3 maps at the same time.

Best Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles

Here are the best assault rifles in MW3:

  • MCW
  • SVA 545
  • MTZ 556

Best MW3 assault rifles: a beige assault rifle with glowing edges, on an orange background.


Best suited to a mid-long range setup, the MCW is a hard-hitting assault rifle that can cover distance in multiplayer games like it’s nothing. Our best MW3 MCW loadout looks to reduce recoil and gun-kick so your shots always land where they’re meant to.


  • Muzzle: Casus Brake
  • Optic: MK.23 Reflector
  • Rear Grip: RB Talon-X3 Grip
  • Barrel: Second Line Mammoth Heavy
  • Underbarrel: Chewk Angled Grip

Best MW3 assault rifles: an assault rifle with a long barrel and glowing edges, on an orange background.

SVA 545

A unique assault rifle, the SVA 545 fires the first two bullets of a volley in a burst, before following on with the usual fully automatic barrage. This frontloads the AR’s damage, and using our best MW3 SVA 545 loadout, you’ll be able to eliminate foes before they have a chance to react.


  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Stock: FT TAC-Elite Stock
  • Ammunition: 5.45 High Grain
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag

Best MW3 assault rifles: a black assault rifle with glowing edges on an orange background.

MTZ 556

The MTZ 556 is the true all-rounder in the list, suitable for any combat scenario, and highly adaptable when you tinker with the attachments in the gunsmith. Our best MW3 MTZ 556 loadout reduces recoil control, extends the range, and adds a suppressor so you always stay off of the opponent’s minimap.


  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Heavy Support Grip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO High Grain
  • Magazine: 50-Round Drum
  • Stock: RB Crotalus Assault Stock

Those are the best MW3 assault rifles – they’re an easy class of weapon to get to grips with, but, if mastered, can steer you to victory in any of the Modern Warfare 3 game modes. If you’re looking for a gun with a bit more mobility, you might be better served with an SMG. Luckily, we’ve created the best MW3 Rival 9 loadout, and the best MW3 Striker loadout, so you aren’t short of options on that front.