Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops

Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops are an easy way of getting your hands on the latest in-game cosmetics, like weapon blueprints and charms.

The Twitch logo over the Zoned In loading screen, one of the MW3 Twitch drops.

What are the latest MW3 Twitch Drops? Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops have been coming in thick and fast since the FPS game launched. These drops range from unique loading screens to weapon blueprints – all this for watching your favorite Call of Duty streamers.

We love nothing more than a good Modern Warfare 3 cosmetic to show off to our squad, or a stacked weapon blueprint to take out our opponents with. While you can get these rewards in the MW3 Battle Pass, with Modern Warfare 3 codes, or simply through the in-game store, Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops offer a passive way to earn rewards just for watching MW3 gameplay on the streaming platform.

Current Modern Warfare 3 Twitch Drop rewards.

Current MW3 Twitch drops

The latest Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops are available to claim between November 10 and December 1.

Between these dates, you must watch at least four hours of participating Twitch channels to earn all four current rewards, which you can check out below. Ensure that your Twitch account is connected to your Call of Duty account to be able to see your items in-game

If you don’t know who to watch, there’s a handy list of participating channels on Twitch – who knows, you might even find your new favorite streamer. We particularly enjoy watching T-Pain struggling to get more than an assist. Yes, the same T-Pain who once fell in love with a stripper.

All MW3 Twitch drops rewards

The current Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops include a new loading screen, weapon blueprint, weapon charm, and weapon vinyl.

Here’s every MW3 Twitch drop right now and the reward requirement:

  • Zoned In loading screen – 30 minutes
  • Robo-Tactical weapon charm – one hour
  • Ice Storm weapon vinyl – two hours
  • Launch weapon blueprint – four hours

How to claim MW3 Twitch drops

Once you’ve earned your rewards, you receive a notification on Twitch – make sure to click ‘Claim Now’ before the end date. You must also ensure that your Call of Duty account is connected to Twitch, which can be activated via the settings section.

With that, there’s nothing left to do but jump onto Twitch and check out who’s online to get those MW3 Twitch drops on your account. When you’re back in the game, make sure you’ve got some MW3 Double XP Tokens equipped to level up faster, and make sure you’ve got the very best Modern Warfare 3 guns in your loadout. While you’re watching someone play, don’t forget to read our Modern Warfare 3 review for our honest take on multiplayer, MW3 zombies, and the campaign.