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Modern Warfare 2 classics High Rise and more revealed in Warzone 2 map

Modern Warfare 2 classics like High Rise are revealed in the Warzone 2 map, as Activision and Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty battle royale game nears launch

Modern Warfare 2 classics High Rise and more revealed in Warzone 2 map: A soldier in a boonie hat, Captain Price, stares solemnly

Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer classics like High Rise and others have been revealed in the Warzone 2 map, as the Call of Duty battle royale game from Activision and Infinity Ward nears launch, alongside CoD Modern Warfare 2 season one.

While we’re all busy grinding the best Modern Warfare 2 guns, the Warzone 2 map is set to transport us to Al Mazrah, the fictional state from Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, and basis for some of the existing multiplayer maps we’ve been killing (and dying) on since release day. Buried inside Al Mazrah, however, are several points of interest either inspired by or directly replicating classic arenas from Modern Warfare 2 2009, and although we suspected some of these would return, new footage confirms their existence and their layouts.

First up is High Rise, the vertically driven, skyscraper-based arena notorious for its snipers. You can apparently access the map in Warzone 2 by using one of the ascender gadgets to zip onto a roof, then parachuting down onto a slightly smaller building, which contains the meat of the legendary map.

We’ve also got Terminal, purveyor of close-range kills, scourge of the decent K/D ratio. It’s all there, that open-plan lobby, that killzone of a main concourse, that ledge, except it seems like the ladder has been removed, making it harder to just hop to higher ground and pick everyone off as they jog down the staircase. Maybe this will be put back in time for Warzone 2’s release. Maybe it’s better off gone. Either way, we recommend the best Modern Warfare 2 shotguns for this one. The footage of these two maps was shared by ModernWarzone, following an in-person Infinity Ward event where CoD content creators could stream Warzone 2.

Unrelated to the official Infinity Ward event, there are also rumours that Afghan, another beloved Modern Warfare 2 map (unless you were on the receiving end of an M203 round) will return in Modern Warfare 2 2022. Allegedly renamed to “Sattiq Cave Complex”, Twitch partner Necca shares images of the supposed revamp of Afghan, though it is unclear whether it will also appear as a POI in Warzone 2. Better take the best Modern Warfare 2 Signal 50 loadout just in case.

You might also want to grab all the Modern Warfare 2 mastery camos, or maybe dive into the Warzone 2 DMZ mode which is expected to launch alongside the battle royale game on November 16.