The best Fennec Warzone setup

Here are the best attachments to run with the new Vector-like SMG

Best Fennec Warzone class setup

Looking for a Fennec Warzone setup to finally wean yourself off meta Warzone guns like the MP7 and MP5? This CQB-oriented weapon is very difficult to use even at medium range, but it’s nearly peerless when clearing out buildings. The Fennec was largely ignored when it first launched as it didn’t have the damage range to compete on a map like Verdansk. This problem doesn’t occur on the smaller Rebirth Island which seems tailor-made for short range weapons like this.

The Fennec’s key feature is its impressive rate of fire, allowing the SMG to tear through enemies up close, with a time-to-kill that is equal to that of the MP5. Naturally, there are some shortcomings with this Warzone SMG, such as the meagre 40-round max magazine size and the severe damage drop-off, but if you use it at its intended range then it’s frighteningly lethal.

We’ve set up two very different builds for the Fennec in Warzone for you to try out, along with notes on what perks, secondaries, and equipment you should bring.

Best Fennec Warzone setup

The best Fennec Warzone setup is:

  • ZLR 18″ Deadfall
  • G.I. Mini Reflex
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • 40 Round Drum Mags

The base components of this build are pretty universal across the SMG category, but the Fennec does feature some interesting barrel and muzzle choices. We find this strikes a perfect balance between recoil control, accuracy, damage range, and mobility, while still suppressing the weapon and maxing out its magazine size.

The Commando Foregrip can be changed for a ranger foregrip if you feel like you can handle the side-to-side recoil, and the G.I. Mini Reflex can be subbed out for the optic of your choice – we just find it’s the cleanest red dot around.

Alternative Fennec Warzone setup

We would suggest keeping the same perks, equipment, and secondary weapons, but try these Fennec attachments for a very different feel:

  • ZLR Sabre
  • Ranger Foregrip
  • No Stock
  • 40 Round Drum Mags
  • Stippled Grip Tape

This build is all about snappiness and extremely close-quarters fighting. The iron sights are very tricky to use in all but CQB situations, so it’s a bearable sacrifice in order to improve the Fennec’s aim down sight and sprint to fire speeds. Sound suppression and larger mags are still essential, but we opt for the Sabre here as it rolls in a pinch more damage range and accuracy.

And that’s all you need to build the best Fennec loadout in Warzone. You should always aim to grab a second loadout, and for this we’d recommend one of the best assault rifles in Warzone, the Grau 5.56. If you’re an aggressive sniper then you may want to take our best Kar98k Warzone loadout.