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The best LW3 Tundra Warzone loadout

Try out the best class setup for this powerful sniper rifle

The LW3 Tundra sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Warzone

Trying to spot the best LW3 Tundra loadout in Warzone? The LW3 Tundra has become a go-to pick for snipers in the battle royale game thanks to the sniper rifle’s excellent bullet velocity. While you will have to account for some bullet drop at extremely long distances, this sniper rifle is as close to hitscan as you can get in Warzone.

The Warzone mid-season update buffed the LW3 Tundra by greatly improving the aiming stability on the sniper rifle.  If players weren’t getting the most out of this weapon prior to the Season 3 update, they will certainly feel a difference now. The LW3 Tundra was already a threat at long range, but this latest buff has transformed the weapon into a must-have weapon for players that want to avoid getting up close and personal.

Unlike some of the best Warzone sniper rifles, this Tundra loadout features a scope that doesn’t produce a lens flare glint when searching for enemies. This can be devastating to anyone on the battlefield as they won’t be able to tell what direction they’re being shot from. When paired with the best FFAR 1 loadout, you should be able to dominate from a distance while having the perfect weapon for any close range battles.


The best Warzone LW3 Tundra loadout is:

  • Wrapped Suppressor
  • 29.1” Combat Recon
  • 7 Rnd
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Royal & Kross 4x

The Wrapped Suppressor is an excellent pick for the muzzle attachment slot as it boosts the sniper rifle’s muzzle flash concealment by 85%. There’s also the added benefit of having more control over the weapon’s idle sway control, making it easier to aim at enemies before deciding to pull the trigger.

To negate the loss of bullet velocity that comes with the Wrapped Suppressor, the 29.1” Combat Recon barrel greatly increases the bullet velocity. When you spot an enemy with this loadout around the 100m mark, your bullets should travel to the target instantly. You will have to account for bullet drop at greater distances, but it isn’t too much of a headache compared to some of the other sniper rifles.

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As for the magazine, the 7 Rnd fits the Tundra perfectly as it only slightly increases the reload speed while extending the maximum number of bullets per clip. There are a few magazines that allow you to hold nine bullets, but these come with the downside of slowing down the weapon’s aim down sight time. While the Tundra wasn’t built for quickscoping, we aren’t looking to increase the slow aim down sight speed any further. The Airborne Elastic Wrap does slightly improve the the aim down sight speed, but again, this won’t turn the LW3 Tundra into a quickscoping machine.

Arguably the most useful attachment in this loadout is the Royal & Kross 4x scope which greatly speeds up the weapon’s aim down sight time without producing any lens flare glint. The sniper rifle’s glint can easily give your position away, but this scope won’t expose you to anyone on the battlefield. The only problem with this scope is that you may have to adjust some of your keybindings, as zooming in and out can be problematic with the default layout.

And that’s the best LW3 Tundra loadout in Warzone. If you pair this sniper rifle with a close range weapon like the Streetsweeper shotgun, the Groza, or the best Diamatti loadout, this is the perfect setup for someone looking to cover all ranges.