Call of Duty: Warzone may be adding a purchasable counter UAV at buy stations

Counter UAV may be available for purchase at buy stations in Call of Duty: Warzone before too long. Following Warzone’s most recent update, players have discovered hints that the game-changing effect may become available as a killstreak in the near future, potentially shaking up Warzone’s meta in a serious way.

Dot Esports has noticed players on the Warzone subreddit posting screenshots that show the counter UAV killstreak at buy stations in the game. Priced at $4,500, they’re significantly cheaper this way than they are in the current setup. Currently, the only way to activate the counter UAV effect is to have each player on a four-person squad buy a UAV, for a grand total of $16,000.

Even at that price, it’s easy to understand why it’s sought after: the counter UAV is a “drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps, regardless of distance, and incrementally disrupts their HUD the closer they get to the targeted area,” according to the in-game description. As Dot Esports points out, this impacts all players in the game and makes it impossible to see the safe zone boundaries.

Naturally, this is crucial information in battle royale, particularly as the match tightens to its last few circles. But there are other impacts as well: as the name suggests, the effect makes UAVs useless – which means the Ghost perk we’ve recommended in our best Warzone loadouts guide may suddenly be much less important in the endgame.

Counter UAV’s will cost $4,500 at the Buy Station from r/ModernWarzone

Dot Esports also suggests that the presence of the effect will make recon contracts much more popular, since while counter UAV is active, they’ll be the only way to see the next safe zone.

Warzone now has up to 200 players running around a match at any given time, so it’s almost certain that someone will be building toward counter UAV quickly, and you’ll be able to count on the effect being active for most of the match if the price is set at just $4,500.