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Is Cities Skylines 2 on Game Pass?

Find out if Cities Skylines 2 is available on Game Pass and see if there's an opportunity to try Colossal Order's latest city-builder at no extra cost.

Cities Skylines 2 Game Pass: an aerial photograph of a city running alongside a river.

Is Cities Skylines 2 on Game Pass? It’s time to dust off those blueprints for the metropolis of your dreams as Cities Skylines 2 makes its way to PC. Featuring new mechanics, zones, signature buildings, and more, it’s up to you to keep the city running, meeting your citizens’ every whim.

You can read up on our Cities Skylines 2 review if you want to know how good it is, but if you want to try Cities Skylines 2 for yourself without paying for the privilege, then Game Pass may be your best bet. You should check out the Cities Skylines 2 system requirements to see if your rig is compatible with the latest city management game from Paradox and Colossal Order.

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Is Cities Skylines 2 on Game Pass?

Cities Skylines 2 will be available on day one with Game Pass from Tuesday, October 24, 2023. It’s listed as one of the many games coming to the Game Pass service on Microsoft’s Xbox blog.

It’s been revealed that the Cities Skylines 2 download size is significantly larger than previously anticipated, so we recommend ensuring you have enough file space to avoid any disappointment.

Now that you know that Cities Skylines 2 is available on Game Pass, it’s time to brush up on some of the core mechanics. We highly recommend that you take a look at our Cities Skylines 2 maps guide to learn how big a city you’ll be able to make and how to unlock Cities Skylines 2 tiles to create more space. We also have the latest on Cities Skylines 2 mods and Cities Skylines 2 DLC if you want to expand on the base game down the line.