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Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 is missing that special spark, say fans

The Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 update introduced reworks for the RPG FPS game’s lightning subclasses, but fans ask Bungie to buff the new classes to match Solar and Void

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 - a warlock thrusts their arm forward, electricity jolting from it

The Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 rework arrived in August alongside the newest update for the Bungie game, Destiny 2 Season of Plunder. The update followed on from similar overhauls to both the Void and Solar subclasses, revamping the three lightning-based options for the space game’s Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes. However, players are concerned that the new Arc updates are lacking that special spark compared to the other elements – especially for the Warlock.

A heavily upvoted thread on the Destiny subreddit addresses the issue, asking players to give “persistent, constructive, and non-toxic” feedback for Bungie to help push for buffs for the new Arc Warlock subclass, and Arc subclasses in general. Urging players to be friendly but firm in their feedback, the thread asserts that “Warlock just feels like junk” and that the two supers, Chaos Reach and Stormcaller, feel like the weakest of the current crop of super abilities. Many commenters say they feel that the low damage output of both in high-end content has made Warlock players reluctant to use the Arc subclasses.

Another popular comment adds, “I think all the Arc subclasses are going to struggle with high endgame viability because they don’t have endgame utility mechanics – stuff like slowing and freezing, invisibility/overshield and weakening, radant/ignitions and restoration.” These buffs and debuffs offered by the other elemental subclasses, they say, offer more potency than Arc can provide. While the commenter acknowledges the benefits of the Blind debuff, they point out that this can easily be applied with blinding grenade launchers, making the subclass feel somewhat redundant.

Among the suggested buffs from the community are some additional utility for the Arc Blind debuff that goes above and beyond what is offered on normal blinding grenade launchers – one commenter proposes that it could affect bosses, mini-bosses, and champions, perhaps reducing accuracy rather than a full ‘stun’ effect. In addition, one popular comment is to have the Jolted effect apply a damage reduction debuff to targets it hits, making them less dangerous to you and your teammates.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 - a titan on one knee, fist planted into the floor, sparks surrounding them

“The most important failing of Arc 3.0,” suggests one user, “is that it gives zero survivability in a sandbox entirely balanced around the numerous survivability options we’ve had for a long time. Running Arc is only viable in difficult content if you have teammates on Solar and/or Void actively buffing you.”

As someone who recently jumped back into Destiny 2 to explore the Season of Plunder, I’ve certainly had my fair share of fun with what Arc 3.0 brings to the table – but it’s tough to deny that you feel a lot more fragile than you do on either Void or Solar subclasses, even outside of the most challenging content Destiny 2 has to offer. Time will tell how Bungie will choose to approach this issue, but as the novelty of the new thing begins to wear off it will likely have to make some changes to keep players riding the lightning.

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