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Destiny 2 PvP overhaul will add ranked Crucible in season 19

A Destiny 2 PvP overhaul will add ranked Crucible in season 19 and will also introduce updates to Crucible playlists and a new Iron Banner format.

Destiny 2 PvP overhaul will add ranked Crucible in season 19: The Iron Banner season 19 legacy armour set from The Taken King.

A Destiny 2 PvP overhaul in season 19 will add a ranked Crucible mode and will include a number of changes to playlists, matchmaking, rewards, and other aspects of the FPS game, according to the developer’s latest This Week at Bungie post.

The update from community manager dmg_04 also shared additional details regarding season 19 updates to Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, noting the season will also feature a legacy armour set from the original Destiny’s The Taken King expansion. The TWAB also offers insight as to what players can expect with regard to a forthcoming Destiny 2 community event, scheduled to launch November 22.

As of the Destiny 2 season 19 release date, Bungie will introduce a new Crucible competitive division, essentially a ranked Crucible mode for competitive play. Guardians will randomly face off in Survival, Rift, or Showdown. The mode will feature seven divisions, starting from Copper and levelling up to Ascendant, with three subdivisions in each division.

The competitive division will reward less-skilled players by offering additional Crucible reputation for earning ranks and keeping up those ranks. Additionally, players will have the chance to earn a Legendary hand cannon called Rose, which is a returning legacy weapon. Upon completing the competitive division’s introductory questline, players will get the gun with its original perks and then can continue to earn new rolls each week by participating in the competitive division.

Further, as of season 19, the team will collapse Control and Clash into a single Quickplay playlist and include lesser-played modes such as Momentum Control, Mayhem, Team Scorched, Rift, and Rumble in its weekly rotators.

Players can also expect a new Crucible seal titled Glorious and engram focusing for Crucible vendor Lord Shaxx.

Next season will also introduce a new Iron Banner mode, Fortress. The Bungie team describes Fortress as similar to Clash but implies an added twist.

Iron Banner participants will have the chance to earn a legacy armour set that appeared in the original Destiny’s The Taken King expansion, arguably one of the best-looking sets in the franchise’s history.

The team plans to implement Crucible matchmaking updates, which will consider skill, connection, and team sizes. Bungie is also planning to test new matchmaking techniques in Trials of Osiris. Additionally, Trials players can expect a new machine gun and a 140 hand cannon.

The developers also promised players would see two new returning Crucible maps at some point after the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, and expects to release a new map sometime within a year of launch of the expansion.

Bungie has implemented updates to its anti-cheat software, BattlEye, but did not elaborate on the details for security.

The post also detailed the forthcoming Destiny 2 community event, confirming that it would involve the Eliksni Quarter. The event requires Guardians to help improve and upkeep the area by collecting and turning in a special currency. The event is slated to begin November 22 with the Destiny 2 weekly reset and will run for two weeks.

The TWAB also shared updates involving the Season of Plunder Triumph seal and Scallywag title. The Bungie team has made the seal significantly easier for players to complete. For instance, players now only have to defeat 10 Ruffians (down from 50) and only need to complete 14 vendor upgrades (down from 23).

Though the Season of Plunder is nearing its end, Guardians still have time to acquire the best PvP weapons, grind for rewards in Destiny 2 Iron Banner season 18 and grind for god rolls in the current pool of Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons and Destiny 2 King’s Fall loot table weapons before season 19 begins December 6.