How to get the Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm catalyst

Completing the Any Data Port in a Storm mission will grant you the Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm catalyst, turning a great exotic into an essential one.

Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm catalyst: a futusistic assault rifle backlit with neon lights

The Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm catalyst, like many of the exotic weapon catalysts, transforms the weapon, adding perks and elemental damage, and in the Quicksilver Storm’s case, elevates it to ‘must use’ status. While the catalyst quest, Any Data Point in a Storm, involves a fair amount of grinding, the results are something to behold.

There are a lot of Destiny 2 exotics that have catalysts, the Gjallarhorn, for instance, adds more Wolfpack rounds when you kill an enemy with the initial blow. They enhance what is already a powerful weapon, and are nearly always worth grinding for in the free PC game. With the addition of Strand elemental damage, and the ability to spawn Threads and Threadlings using the alt-fire grenade launcher, the Quicksilver Storm catalyst is a must-have addition to your Destiny 2 Loadout.

Destiny 2 Quicksilver Storm catalyst: first person perspective of a person holding a gun in a dimly lit corridor

How to get the Quicksilver Storm exotic catalyst

Assuming you already have the Quicksilver Storm from the Lightfall Annual pass, you will receive the quest for the exotic catalyst halfway through the Lightfall mission list. The holoprojector next to the postmaster in Neomuna will grant you the Any Data Port in a Storm quest.

Here’s how to complete the Quicksilver Storm catalyst quest:

  • Gain data to support the nanite calibration: kill enemies with auto rifles, grenades, and grenade launchers.
  • Speak to Banshee-44: speak to the gunsmith at the Tower.
  • Combatants detonated: Defeat 50 enemies in Neomuna using the grenade launcher alt-fire of the Quicksilver Storm.

Once the catalyst is complete, you can use it to wreak havoc on the Witness, and if you want to masterwork the Lightfall exotic, simply eliminate 700 enemies with the Quicksilver Storm.

Now that you have the Quicksilver Storm catalyst, it’s time to put it to the Shadow Legion and breeze through the Calus boss fight. If you’re just getting started with Lightfall, we have the best Destiny 2 builds here, how to hit the soft cap, and where to find Cloud Accretions so you can get high-level gear fast.