Destiny 2 rewards reminder: redeem outstanding loot before Lightfall

Destiny 2 rewards are piling up for some Guardians, so be sure to redeem your loot before the Lightfall release date in less than a month.

Destiny 2 rewards reminder: redeem outstanding loot before Lightfall: A Guardian stands in front of a series of emblems.

Destiny 2 rewards are piling up ahead of the Lightfall release date, and players should be sure to redeem them before then, as Bungie promises to be making massive changes to numerous systems in Destiny 2 season 20. These rewards include Moments of Triumph, merchandise rewards based on the completion of seasonal activities, and items from season passes in the popular FPS game. Players may miss out on things such as bright engrams and glimmer if they do not remember to claim their loot in time for the new season.

Triumph hunters should be aware that they have less than a month left to complete all outstanding challenges for the 2022 Moments of Triumph, which will conclude on Lightfall’s launch. Further, players will also need to redeem any merchandise rewards by then, such as a plushie version of the Destiny 2 exo-dog. Finally, they should be sure to check their season passes to ensure they’ve collected any seasonal unclaimed loot.

An unofficial Destiny 2 extension for Chrome and Firefox allows players to redeem their unclaimed Season Pass loot. The extension is called Season Pass Pass from creator Josh Hunt. Once it’s installed, link your account and select any previous season from the extension widget, which appears as a yellow ticket (you may need to click the jigsaw extensions toolbar to see it). You’ll then go to this webpage and cycle through the various seasons from the ticket drop-down, refreshing the page each time. However, please use this extension at your own risk because while we can confirm it worked to help us collect some unclaimed loot from previous seasons, we cannot guarantee that it’s completely secure.

Now would also be a good time for Guardians to clear out their inventories, as there is a forthcoming weapons and gear trailer debuting January 31, showing off upcoming wares from Lightfall and season 20.

Other things that players may want to complete before the end of the season include the Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid, the Revision Zero exotic quest, and the Spire of The Watcher dungeon. With the launch of a new raid in the weeks following Lightfall, it seems likely that Kings Fall will join the raid rotation and, therefore, only be available to play a few weeks each season. Further, the Revision Zero exotic quest is tied to Destiny 2 season 19, meaning it will likely be unavailable to play after the end of the season.

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