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Destiny 2 is “broken” as enemies completely stop fighting

Destiny 2 server issues continue, causing enemies to lay down their weapons and stop fighting in PvE missions, doors to not open, and PvP matches to tie.

Destiny 2 server disconnects and enemies not responding - Eris Morn, three green lights shining through a blindfold over her eyes.

Destiny 2 players have been having a bizarre couple of weeks, and the strange behaviors continue with instances of enemy AI being completely broken. If you’ve managed to log into Destiny 2 servers this weekend but found that enemies have adopted a seemingly passive approach, ignoring you altogether, you aren’t alone. Elsewhere, players are finding doors that won’t open, and running into constant ties in PvP modes.

Destiny 2 has struggled with numerous server issues and disconnects over the past week, with Bungie pinning the troubles on Destiny 2 DDoS attacks. While these have settled slightly, players are still finding themselves being dropped from servers mid-activity, and now this has culminated in a new issue that seems to be one of the most broken instances of the FPS game I’ve seen yet.

Numerous Destiny 2 players are sharing clips online of enemies becoming completely unresponsive to the player, wandering about or standing in place as though there are no targets nearby. Even shooting them elicits no response save for the damage dealt, although they do flinch as expected.

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This, it seems, is far from the only notable issue occurring over the weekend. Destiny Bulletin reports that these unresponsive enemies are joined with several other issues, including “doors in activities not opening, and rounds in Trials of Osiris always resulting in a tie.”

Other reported troubles include the rally flag in public events not working, and a similar issue with the Chalice of Lite in the Destiny 2 Crota’s End raid. While most players say the issues have calmed down as of the time of writing, additional reports of such problems have continued to come in throughout Sunday.

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Bungie has yet to comment on this specific instance, which marks the culmination of a notably unstable week for the game following the delightful silliness of a Destiny 2 crafting exploit that let people create all manner of overpowered weapons for a while.

It’s always frustrating not being able to play your favorite game, and especially so for many people when it happens at the weekend. Hopefully the server issues are smoothed out soon, so we can go back to enjoying ourselves and looking forward to the Destiny 2 The Final Shape release date. In the meantime, have a look through all the Destiny 2 emblem codes to make sure you haven’t missed any freebies.