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New Diablo 4 build planner has everything you could ask for

The Diablo 4 build planner has arrived, letting you test your Barbarians, Sorcerers, Rogues, and everything else before heading into Blizzard’s hellfire RPG.

Diablo 4 build planner: A horned demon with pale skin, Lilith from Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 build planner has finally dropped, allowing you to test out and experiment with essentially every aspect of your character in the Blizzard RPG game before risking your life on the plains on the Sanctuary. If you want to prototype the best Diablo 4 builds, or tamper with the best assortments of affixes, the paragon board, and essentially every other customizable in Diablo 4, now you can. Sorcerers, Barbarians, Rogues – whatever you want to test, it’s all here.

Let’s see you’re hunting for the Diablo 4 harlequin crest, or maybe you’ve been playing Druid for a while and want to see what the best Diablo 4 Rogue build might look like. You don’t want to go steaming into the horrors of Sanctuary unprepared – you want to know precisely the best equipment, skills, and abilities to guarantee success before you risk life and limb.

Diablo 4 build planner: A build planner for Blizzard RPG game Diablo 4 showing the skill tree for the Barbarian character

Praise Lilith, then, for the Diablo 4 build planner from Maxroll. Available right now, it lets you test build every character class and sample every single adjustable skill or customizable. Affixes, the skill tree, the paragon board, renown – they’re all here.

You can even edit your test build’s strength, willpower, intelligence, and dexterity stats to get the fullest sense of how they’d fare on the Dry Steppes, Scosglen, and elsewhere.

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Combine this with another recent add-on, which pings you every time a world boss is about to spawn, and you’ve got all the tools you need to batter that Diablo 4 quest list. Yeah. We’re coming for you, Ashava. You can get the Diablo 4 build planner here.

We can also tell you how to find all the Diablo 4 unique items, and give you the full lowdown on Diablo 4 sacred items as well, so you’ll have everything you need to bring peace – or something like it – to Sanctuary at last.