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Diablo 4 quest list - all main and side missions

Here is a full list of every Diablo 4 quest, including all main and side missions, as well as which order you should complete them in.

Diablo 4 quests: there are a lot of them, and they culminate in meeting Lilith herself

How many quests are in Diablo 4? The list of Diablo 4 quests is long. Very long, in fact. With close to 150 of them scattered around the open world of Sanctuary before you even take the second leg of the campaign into account, you’ll be listening to a whole lot of distraught, disgruntled, and downtrodden NPCs thrust their worries onto your blades. And while the rewards can sometimes culminate into weapons no better than your own, the experience points are typically worth the rather relaxed objectives. So sharpen those blades and follow along.

If you’re getting stuck into the game’s full launch, you might want to check out our primer on the Diablo 4 length – just so you know what you’re getting into. Reaching the Diablo 4 max level cap isn’t a quick affair, so it won’t hurt to know how to budget your playtime effectively to reach the exciting Diablo 4 endgame in record time and start taking on those terrifying world bosses. And for a closer look at how the main story works, here are all the Diablo 4 acts explained as well. There’s a lot to jump into.

Diablo 4 quests: a villager sits in a dimly-lit marquee

Every Diablo 4 quest

Here are all the Diablo 4 quests:

Main Campaign

1. Prologue – Wandering

1.1. Dusk on the Mountain
1.2. Darkness Within
1.3. A Hero’s Return
1.4. A Hero’s Reward
1.5. Prayers for Salvation
1.6. In Search of Answers
1.7. Rite of Passage
1.8. Missing Pieces

2. Act 1 – A Cold and Iron Faith

2.1. Ill Tidings
2.2. Tarnished Luster
2.3. The Knight and the Magpie
2.4. Undertaking
2.5. Below
2.6. In Her Wake
2.7. Storming the Gates
2.8. The Cost of Knowledge
2.9. Light’s Guidance
2.10. Kor Valar
2.11. Pilgrimage
2.12. Light’s Judgement
2.13. Light’s Protection
2.14. Wayward
2.15. Shroud of the Horadrim
2.16. Fledgling Scholar
2.17. Crossing Over
2.18. Descent
2.19. Light’s Resolve

Act 2 – The Knife Twists Again

3.1. An Unforeseen Visit
3.2. Dark Omens
3.3. Encroaching Shadows
3.4. Exhuming the Forgotten
3.5. Harrowed Lament
3.6. Apex of Misery
3.7. Parting Embers
3.8. Feral Nature
3.9. The Beast Within
3.10. The Path of Rage
3.11. Fangs of Corruption
3.12. Stemming the Flow
3.13. Buried Secrets
3.14. In Ruins
3.15. Entombed Legacy
3.16. Shadow Over Cerrigar
3.17. As the World Burns

Act 3 – The Making of Monsters

4.1. The Spreading Darkness
4.2. Suffering Disquiet
4.3. Whittling Sanity
4.4. A Moment to Collect
4.5. Brought Low
4.6. The City of Blood and Dust
4.7. Small Blessings
4.8. Whispers from the Past
4.9. Through the Dark Glass
4.10. Descent Into Flame
4.11. Loose Threads
4.12. Oasis of Memories
4.13. Flesh from Bone
4.14. Beneath the Mask
4.15. Piercing the Veil
4.16. Exhumed Relics

Diablo 4 quests are marked by an icon on the overworld

Act 4 – A Gathering Storm

5.1 Prying the Eye
5.2. A Master’s Touch
5.3. Lost Arts
5.4. A Meeting of the Minds
5.5. Anguish Incarnate
5.6. Eye of the Storm

Act 5 – Secrets Bartered, Fates Sold

6.1. The Path Divided
6.2. Secrets of the Zakarum & Entombed Hatred
6.3. Witch of the Wastes
6.4. Encumbered Mind
6.5. The Cage of Grief End
6.6. Tainted Flesh
6.7. Wrack & Ruin
6.8. Cold Blood
6.9. Judgement of the Swamp
6.10. The Serpentine Path
6.11. Dirge of the Mire
6.12. The Slow, Beating Heart
6.13. A Cold and Lifeless Shore
6.14. Picking Through the Bones
6.15. Beneath the Wine-Dark Sea
6.16. Fragments of Mortality
6.17. On the Precipice
6.18. Knee-Deep in Filth
6.19. A Chorus of Voices
6.20. Evil Stirs in Kehjistan

Act 6 – Dance of the Makers

7.1. The Jewel of the East
7.2. The Scouring of Caldeum
7.3. The Walls Shake
7.4. Essence of Hatred
7.5. In Desolation’s Wake
7.6. Light Extinguished
7.7. The Blind Eye
7.8. What Lies Ahead

Epilogue – From the Wound Spilled

8.1. Promises
8.2. A Heavy Burden
8.3. Legacy of the Horadrim

Priority side quests

  • Healing Potion Upgrading
  • Mounts: Donan’s Favor
  • Item Upgrading
  • Extraction and Imprinting
  • Gem Crafting
  • Whispers of the Dead
  • The Helltide Rises
  • Unlocking Waypoints
  • Sigil Crafting
  • Fields of Hatred
  • Legacy of the Magi (Sorcerer only)
  • True Potential (Rogue only)
  • Call of the Underworld (Necromancer only)
  • Spirits of the Lost Grove (Druid only)
  • Masters of Battle (Barbarian only)

The Diablo 4 quests include

Diablo 4 side quests

Fractured Peaks

  • Call of the Ancients
  • Legacies of Light’s Watch
  • The Cleansing Flame
  • Unyielding Flesh
  • Shattered Tribute
  • The Beast’s Challenge
  • The Dread Martyr
  • Exorcist’s Cache
  • Ravenous Dead
  • The Woodsman of Nevesk
  • Traveler’s Prayer
  • Gold Well Spent
  • Raising Spirits
  • Cutting the Risk
  • The Sealed Door
  • Cries of Innocence
  • Secret of the Spring
  • Faith in Blood
  • Hammer of the Champion
  • Malady of the Soul
  • A Cold Faith
  • Depths of Despair
  • Gory Display
  • Sight to Madness

Dry Steppes

  • A Pound of Flesh
  • Phases of the Moon
  • The Unlucky Ones
  • Crucible of Worth
  • Malign Devotion
  • Thieves’ Famine
  • Tarnished Amulet
  • Malign Devotion
  • Blood and Sweat
  • Kith and Kin
  • Blistered Heart
  • Augury of Bones
  • Curious Curios
  • Weight of Sin
  • Exhuming Faith
  • The Onyx Watchtower
  • Reject the Mother
  • Scosglen
  • Where Beasts Lie
  • The Fledgling Merchant
  • Blood of Brigands
  • Smoke Signals
  • Chronicling the Old Ways
  • Of Pests and Pestilence
  • Daughter of the Oak
  • What Ails Thee
  • Fields of Ruin
  • The Diviner
  • Tending Nature
  • Braega’s Chronicles
  • The Seer
  • Stolen Artifice
  • The Starving Strand
  • Old Ways
  • Feral Moon
  • An Acquired Taste
  • Settling the Tab
  • Remembering the Goose
  • A Briny Fate
  • Stemming the Tide
  • A Plea for Aid
  • Ever Faithful
  • Feral Moon
  • The Traveling Scholar
  • Votive Passing
  • The Wicked Trophy
  • Hawezar
  • Chained Zakarum Repository
  • Remnants of Fiath
  • Left Behind
  • Brought to Heel
  • Flesh and Blood
  • Coiled Grasp
  • Lost Cause
  • Coiled Grasp
  • The Heretic
  • Desperate Remedies
  • Dead in the Water
  • A Debt Repaid
  • Kehijstan
  • Endless Fortune
  • A Cold Faith
  • Shadow of Alcarnus
  • An Errant Flock
  • The Speaking Stone
  • Deadly Trade
  • Traces of Iron
  • Pinch of Poison
  • Seeking Refuge
  • On the Hunt
  • A Wolf’s Honor
  • Guardians of the Pit
  • Strayed from the Path
  • Strange Remedies
  • Payment Past Due
  • Timely Correspondence

Diablo 4 quests include a healing potion improvement

Diablo 4 quest order

As opposed to the last numbered game in the series, Diablo 4 takes a more open approach to questing. To a fault, you can start, progress, and complete quests of your own free will. You’ll first notice this when you spot quests from the first three campaign acts on your Diablo 4 quest list right as the prologue ends at Kyovashad.

Though you’re free to tackle them in any order, there are a few main quests, side quests, and priority quests you should focus on. They all serve to unlock and upgrade core features to make some of the more challenging parts of the game that much easier. Accurately labeled as priority side quests, these are ones you’ll want to focus on whenever they’re available.

Healing potion upgrade

Upgrading your healing potion only takes a couple of clicks at your local Alchemist. Be sure to stop what you’re doing and teleport back as soon as you reach one of those milestone levels. More potent potions can make tricky boss battles trivial, and they stand to make or break a hardcore run as well.

Item upgrading, extraction and imprinting, and gem crafting

As soon as you land in Kyovashad, you should also hit up essential vendors like the Jeweler, Blacksmith, and Occultist. You may have to wait until around level ten for their quests to appear, but the gem crafting, armor upgrading, and extraction/imprinting features they unlock respectively will become more and more important as you climb higher toward the level cap.

Class quests

Next up should be your class quest. While some classes get it easy with quests that don’t take them far from where you’re likely to be when they unlock, others such as the Barbarian class quest require going on a bit of a pilgrimage. No matter the distance you need to travel, the reward is always worth it.

These class-specific missions unlock equally specific combat skills. Barbarians unlock their technique slot, for example, allowing them to have their preferred Weapon Expertise buff apply regardless of their current weapon type. And every other class gets a similar deal. Without your respective class unlock, you’ll be at a severe disadvantage, leaving free stopping power on the table. They’re always worth the work, so scout out the automatic unlock at level 15.

Mount: Donan’s Favor

One tricky unlock is your mount. Highlighting the Stable Master icon on the mini-map will alert you to a quest you’ll need to complete to claim your steed – but it won’t tell you how (or when) the quest appears. To keep things simple, just know that you’ll end up treading down that road automatically as you progress through the story. Once Act 4 unlocks, you’ll soon get your ride. You should also be in the right town when it does, so it’s just a matter of following Donan to the Stable Master once the Mount: Donan’s Favor quest appears in your log.

The Diablo 4 hammer of the champion quest is marked on a map.

Hammer of the Champion

Finally, outside of story quests, it’s worth grabbing the handful of missions from the Bear Tribe Refuge. Not only will they serve to unlock one of the 100 Diablo 4 dungeon locations with a powerful Necromancer Aspect hidden within, but Barbarians can also unlock a potentially powerful weapon via the side quests. Best of all, though, it serves as an introduction to the new Diablo 4 Strongholds.

By claiming the area these quests revolve around, you’ll gain another handy encampment. There’s no waypoint to make traveling there a breeze, but it’ll still serve as a potential spot of respite and a lesson as to the potential benefits of seeking out other Strongholds around the map.

How many quests does Diablo 4 have?

Diablo 4 has 97 main quests, around 100 side quests, and 15 priority side quests for you to complete. Attaining close to 100% quest completion will take you approximately 50 hours.

Of course, the more quests you complete, the higher your character level will climb, unlocking D4 Renown rewards as you go. Enemies tend to level up alongside you, creating a need to find stronger Diablo 4 loot and employ the best builds around. And as you continue to explore the various regions of Sanctuary, collecting new resources like Crushed Beast Bones, you may just happen upon some of the best Diablo 4 farming spots for XP, gold, and legendary items as well.