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Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise guide

Explore the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon and take on an army of Khazra goatmen to obtain your reward in this secluded mountain pass.

Screenshot of a hooded Rogue in Diablo 4.

How do you complete the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon? We’ve got your back if you’re struggling to find its location. This particular dungeon contains a Legendary Aspect that all classes can use. Our Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise guide explains how you can reach the dungeon’s location, the objectives you have to tackle, and the rewards that you can obtain.

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How do I complete the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon?

You can find the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon in the Dry Steppes region. Specifically, it’s in the Untamed Scarps sub-zone. The closest fast travel point is Jirandai. From the town, you’ll want to head northeast across the canyons.

The Champion’s Demise dungeon can be found in Dry Stepped - Untamed Scarps.

Return the Stone Carving to the Pedestal

Upon arriving at the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon, you should see a section that’s sealed by a barrier. Nearby, you’ll spot an altar with three pedestals. Your task now is to find the three Stone Carvings that you need to place on those structures.

Due to the procedurally generated nature of dungeons, the layout of the interior can differ from player to player As such, having a fixed map is moot. Still, the main area with the pedestals does have three branching paths, and each one has a Stone Carving at the end. You can interact with these objects and carry them back to the main area one at a time.

The main threats here are Moon Clan ‘Khazra’ or goatmen. The Moon Clan Shamans are quite deadly due to their long-range spells. Meanwhile, the Moon Clan Marauders, hulking brutes with two-handed weapons, have a leaping slam that can temporarily stun you. As with other debilitating crowd control effects, this will prevent you from using a potion, which can be a huge hassle if you’re low on health.

The Stone Carvings are at the end of each pathway, but you have to wade through over a hundred goatmen mobs to reach them.

Slay the Cairn Defiler

Once you’ve brought the Stone Carvings to the pedestals, two Cairn Defilers will spawn in. These are elite Moon Clan Shamans with affixes. In our case, we encountered a couple with Summoner and Lightning Enchanted. The former caused additional enemy mobs to appear, and the latter made orbs of red electricity shoot out of their bodies.

The two Cairn Defiler enemies will ambush you once you’ve placed the Stone Cairns on the pedestals.

Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon boss

After eliminating the two Cairn Defilers, it’s time to face this area’s boss. It’s none other than the Khazra Abomination, a recurring opponent that you might have seen before in other areas where the Khazra goatmen are the main enemy type, such as the Hoarfrost Demise in Fractured Peaks.

The Khazra Abomination’s main ability is an arm smash that causes poisonous pools to appear on the ground. If you’ve played Diablo 3, then this attack is almost similar to that used by the Herald of Pestilence mob. In any case, simply avoid the pools, if need be, and this opponent should go down in no time.

Screenshot of a battle breaking out in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Champions’ Demise dungeon reward

With the Khazra Abomination defeated, you’ll receive the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise reward, the Aspect of the Umbral. This Legendary Aspect is not class-specific, which means any character can use it for the imprinting process. It has the following effect: “Restore a point of your primary resource whenever you crowd-control an enemy.”

In any case, that does it for everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 Champion’s Demise dungeon. If you’re still having trouble with the grind, consider checking out our leveling guide. For other mechanics and strategies, you can visit our Diablo 4 guide for tips and tricks to up your game. We’ve also got lists of Diablo 4 Aspects, info on the endgame, and a rundown of what to expect once the Diablo 4 Season 1 release date rolls around.