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Diablo 4 wants to avoid the ‘Destiny loot cave’ problem

Diablo 4 developer Blizzard is still working to make sure progression is as balanced as possible, as it wants to avoid the Destiny loot cave issue.

Diablo 4 wants to avoid the 'Destiny loot cave' problem

Diablo 4 has been out for a few weeks now, and we’ve already seen the Blizzard RPG game make some pretty big changes, with more to come. Diablo 4 classes have been targeted especially, but that doesn’t mean that general balance isn’t on the team’s mind either. Now, Blizzard has outlined how it wants Diablo 4 to avoid the Destiny loot cave problem.

Talk of buffs, nerfs, and balancing in Diablo 4 came from the recent campfire chat livestream, and we’ll be focusing on words from both Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson and Diablo 4 game director Joe Shely.

“I wanted to create this meme that was like ‘We want a balanced game where there’s no meta and every build is viable’,” Fergusson says.

“We have a philosophy that as part of balancing the game, that be the world or the classes, there will be pluses and minuses that have to be applied to the game,” Fergusson explains. Much like with Diablo 4’s best XP farm spot, Blizzard wants to make changes to ensure you play the game in a broader, more balanced fashion.

Fergusson then compares Diablo 4’s own balance to the ‘Destiny loot cave’, where you would find a spot in Bungie’s game and farm loot like it’s “Christmas morning all day long.

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“For the good of the game that has to not exist at some point,” Fergusson adds. “That’s a problem that [Bungie] fixed, and you understand eventually why they did that.”

Fergusson goes on to discuss how Diablo 4 wants to do a similar thing and make sure that the class and character progression is done in a fun way instead of being focused on key areas like ‘loot caves’.

Starting with the original Destiny back in 2014, the ‘loot cave’ was an easy way to farm rewards and feel good doing it, but it ended up taking away from getting loot by other means, and in the end, it wasn’t actually the best way to get loot, it turns out.

Shely expands, talking about how Blizzard wants to make sure you always have lots of choices in how you level up and acquire loot.

Diablo 4 wants to avoid the 'Destiny loot cave' problem

“Sometimes people will say, ‘Well, anytime something is too strong can’t you just buff everyone else?’ And while in theory, you can do that when you have many classes and builds and one thing that’s too strong, the process of buffing everything else is likely to result in more balance issues, and you can very quickly end up in a place where you have 65,000% on whirlwind or something.

“Our philosophy is to prioritize improving choice by looking at things that are not working and making them better,” Shely adds, saying it’s “time for the buffs” in Diablo 4 after weeks of nerfs.

The Diablo 4 campfire chat was filled to the brim with useful information and changes from Blizzard, ranging from nerfs to those frustrating ground effects, a change to gems taking up your inventory space, and a concentrated effort from Blizzard to cut back on the amount of Diablo 4 seasonal busywork you’ll be doing between new characters as well.

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