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Diablo 4 gems won’t take up your inventory space forever

Diablo 4 players will be happy to learn that a future update is moving gems to the materials tab so that they no longer take up valuable inventory space.

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One of the most annoying things in Diablo 4, and many other RPG games, is inventory management. I’m bad at it, you’re bad at it, we’re all bad at it. From bigger items such as gear pieces to smaller loot like materials we wish weren’t in the general tab, maintaining a clean and organized inventory can feel impossible at times. Thankfully, Blizzard has just confirmed that a future update in Diablo 4‘s second season will move gems to the materials tab. That isn’t all we’ve learned, though, as the developers sat down to discuss other upcoming changes.

In this month’s Diablo 4 Campfire Chat, the game’s general manager, director, associate production director, and associate director of the community sat down to discuss everything from the successful launch to the feedback they have received thus far. Joe Shely, Diablo 4’s game director, confirms that developers are planning on adding a quality-of-life change players have been waiting for since release. After “looking at inventory tension,” the team decided that gems would be better suited for the materials tab rather than continuing to take up valuable space in our general inventories.

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Gems are set to move to your materials tab when the second season rolls around, but another change will predate that one. Material caps are going to be increased overall, which should be implemented prior to the start of the first season. Players have been hitting the maximum limit, so this is also a welcome change. Good timing, too, because the gems are going to definitely contribute to people hitting that cap.

The Diablo 4 team discussed other plans for the game as well, like nightmare dungeons providing players with improved rewards, sigils teleporting you to them to mitigate travel time, previously revealed parts of the map (including Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith) remaining as seasons change, and more. It seems that the developers are not planning on letting Diablo 4’s updates slow down any time soon, which is good news for us committed players.

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