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Diablo 4 ending explained and what’s next

You braved the depths of Hell and came out stronger, but you’re probably wondering what the Diablo 4 ending could lead to, so let's explore what's next.

Diablo 4 ending sees Lilith staring with piercing blue eyes.

What happens during the Diablo 4 ending? We’ve got you covered, so strap right in for a spoiler-heavy breakdown. Our Diablo 4 ending guide details what transpired during the closing moments of the game, the epilogue, and additional speculation as to where the story will lead to.

If you’re still deciding which of the Diablo 4 classes to choose for your playthrough, we’ve got you covered. If you’re interested in our thoughts and feelings (of which there are many!) on Diablo 4, why not check out our review? Needless to say, do not read on unless you’ve finished the main Diablo 4 campaign or don’t care about having it spoiled. Now, let’s discuss the Diablo 4 ending and what could happen next.

How does Diablo 4 end?

In the Diablo 4 ending, we see the death of Lilith, who crumbles to dust following a challenging battle in the Throne of Hatred.

The Diablo 4 ending concerns the fates of Lilith, Mephisto, Neyrelle, and other important characters. We’ve organized our Diablo 4 ending guide into several sections to detail each plot point.

Lilith’s fate

Lilith is the Mother of Sanctuary and Daughter of the Prime Evil Mephisto. Throughout the campaign, your character, the Wanderer, chases her to learn about her motivations and schemes. The gist is that Lilith knows that humanity will continue to face greater threats from the Prime Evils and their demonic legions. As such, she plans on gathering an army of powerful followers and combatants.

Once you gain a vision through the Sightless Eye, Lilith will tempt you into becoming her champion. However, knowing how she’s made a puppet of others, such as Vhenard and Elias, and given how her reasons were but a means to an end, and the fact that she’ll definitely kill innocents who don’t help her achieve her goals, your character rejects her entreaties. This leads to a battle in the Throne of Hatred where you finally defeat this adversary.

Is Lilith truly dead? We can’t say for certain. She does crumble into dust, and it seems her story arc has reached its conclusion. Still, this is Diablo. With how many times demon lords have returned — akin to Fast & the Furious and Warhammer characters — there’s no telling if Lilith will still make her presence felt in the future.

Diablo 4 ending explained: Lilith turns to dust as your character watches on

What happens next?

Here’s what we think could happen next in potential Diablo 4 DLC or expansions.

What’s in store for Lorath and Inarius’ followers

One plot point that needs to be resolved concerns Lorath Nahr’s standing as a Horadrim in the eyes of Inarius’ religious cult. We see his friend, Donan, succumb to his wounds. This is followed by a short epilogue where the Wanderer and Lorath attempt to leave a shrine. Suddenly, they’re approached by one of Prava’s overseers, surrounded by several knights.

The Wanderer and Lorath resist, killing the knights and overseer in the process. You’ll then realize that Prava has branded Lorath and the Horadrim as heretics, accusing them of bringing about Lilith and all the destruction that she had caused. This is partly true given that Elias, Lilith’s lieutenant, was formerly part of the Horadrim.

This is followed by a notification telling you of the available endgame activities, one of which is the Capstone dungeon, the Cathedral of Light, which unlocks world tier 3. If that location sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the bastion of Inarius’ religious cult. The description even asks: “Were you even welcome here?”

It’s still too early to tell if Inarius’ fall at the hands of Lilith, as well as his cult turning on your character, would lead to a war with the High Heavens. The Angiris Council definitely doesn’t want him back. Still, with the Nephalem killing Malthael in Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, and Inarius dying in Diablo 4’s campaign, we might end up seeing another hostile Archangel that we can fight.

One thing that might be of importance is the final boss fight. We’ve included details regarding your foe’s backstory as it relates to the lore based on The Sin War trilogy of novels. Likewise, the events that transpire will set the stage for the endgame and future developments.

Diablo 4 ending explained: Inarius’ followers attempt to arrest Lorath “I’m basically the new Deckard Cain” Nahr.

Future Diablo 4 DLC concerning Neyrelle and Mephisto

And that brings us to the other unresolved plot point: Neyrelle and Mephisto. As you progress further in the campaign, Mephisto appears to “help” you — we use the term “help” loosely since it’s Mephisto of all people, er, demons, and he’s got his own schemes. Prior to the Diablo 4 ending, though, we see his essence trapped in a Soulstone by Neyrelle, a fledgling scholar whose mother was ensnared by Lilith during Act 1.

Then, during the epilogue, the Wanderer heads to the Horadric Vault, only to realize that Neyrelle isn’t there. It seems that she’s gone on a journey. Given that she has a Soulstone, and Mephisto has his own ideas in mind, it almost feels like a fantasy trope: that of a magical practitioner or summoner thinking they could control a powerful entity.

True enough, we’ve seen this before in the first Diablo game, where the player character hoped to trap the Lord of Terror, only to become corrupted in turn. We’ve taken bets as to whether or not Neyrelle will be turned to the dark side due to her own anger and frustrations.

Diablo 4 ending explained: Neyrelle now holds a Soulstone with Mephisto’s essence.

Ultimately, the Diablo 4 ending still has several loose threads that need to be resolved. It’s essentially more open-ended compared to past titles, which is expected due to the live-service nature and seasonal updates.

It’s worth noting that seasons themselves will only have self-contained stories that last for three months. For actual continuations of the main campaign’s narrative — i.e., Lilith’s machinations, Inarius’ cult, Neyrelle’s whereabouts, Mephisto’s plan, and, naturally, every character that can potentially return, including Archangels, Prime Evils, Lesser Evils, old men that got killed by butterfly ladies, and their unfortunate adopted nieces/wards — we’d have to wait for expansions. So, yes, it looks like we’ll be grinding, looting, and enjoying Sanctuary for years to come.

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