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How to reset dungeons in Diablo 4

If you're looking for how to farm dungeons for XP and loot, and want a faster way to do it, we have the solution on how to instantly refresh all dungeons.

Diablo 4 dungeon resets are easy now, Lilith ponders over a glowing crystal

How do you reset dungeons in Diablo 4? The process has changed from the times of the betas and server slam, and in the full release of Diablo 4 there’s now an even easier way to reset dungeons for loot and XP farming purposes.

While traversing the deadly depths of Sanctuary itself, we’ve been searching for unique items, the best loot, more XP, and farming in Diablo 4 until we can farm no more in order to put together the best build for any of the classes.

Diablo 4 dungeon resetting is as simple as leaving and coming back to the glowing yellow entrance.

How to reset Diablo 4 dungeons

To reset all dungeons in Diablo 4 you must complete the dungeon’s main objective, leave, and then re-enterAll enemies, bosses, and loot will then respawn giving you a chance to continue to farm the dungeon for XP.

When it comes to leveling fast in Diablo 4, XP is vital. You can get more XP from this method by selecting a higher world tier, which in turn makes enemies more difficult to slay and deadlier than ever.

Previously, there was a slightly more convoluted way of resetting dungeons in order to make the most of this farming method. In the betas and server slam, Blizzard asked players to open their quest journal and click a button which read “reset dungeons” at the bottom. Thankfully, the process is now automatic and resetting dungeons is as simple as leaving and entering again.

XP farming could be about to get a little trickier though, as Blizzard announced it would be “standardizing the density of elite monsters that spawn in dungeons to ensure that no particular dungeon is clearly more efficient to run through than others.” We’re looking at you, Champion’s Demise.

Thankfully, with how easy it now is to reset dungeons, you can forge forward and focus on clearing them as fast as possible for those tasty XP gains. You’ll need them if you want to recreate our best Rogue build, or take on the Astaroth boss fight which gatekeeps the campaign.