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How do you hide your helmet in Diablo 4?

The customization in D4 is staggering, with thousands of different outfit combinations possible, but what do you do if you want to hide your helmet in Diablo 4?

A person with a shaved head looks on at the Diablo 4 horrors off screen.

Can you hide your helmet in Diablo 4? You’ve spent hours in Diablo 4’s character creation menus, sculpting the most fearsome warrior Sanctuary has ever seen, with piercing blue eyes and a mane of glorious hair. Then, after just 20 minutes of adventuring, you’ve been saddled with the ugliest helmet known to man – is there a way to hide this headpiece without sacrificing its stats?

Diablo 4 is beautiful… in a bloody, gory, you-might-be-wearing-your-insides-on-your-outsides kind of way. The amount of personality you can imbue into your characters means it’s almost a shame to hide them under all that rare Diablo 4 loot. We already know the Diablo 4 transmog system allows you to change the look of your armor, and thankfully there is a way to keep that ugly helmet off our precious dome.

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How to hide your helmet in Diablo 4

Here are the two ways you can hide your helmet in Diablo 4:

  • Open the wardrobe located in one of the game’s cities.
  • Select your helmet.
  • Select ‘Unequipped look’ under ‘Variants’.
  • You’ll regain the stats given from your helmet, but it’ll no longer be visible!

Or you can:

  • Open the options menu.
  • Head to ‘Display Options’.
  • Select ‘Hide Helmet’.
  • Save the changes and enjoy your new, streamlined look.

Now you know how to hide your helmet in Diablo 4, get out there and show Sanctuary your face, hair, makeup, or whatever it is you’re proud of. You’re all beautiful and we believe in you. If you’re looking for some inspiration on the build front, we have the best Barbarian, best Rogue, best Necromancer, best Druid, and best Sorcerer builds here. We even have the best dev Diablo 4 builds in this interview if you want to base your characters on the advice of the people who know the game best.