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This Diablo 4 sauce is hotter than hell

If you're feeling a tad hungry, you can reach for a Diablo 4-inspired bottle of Lilith's Hatred hot sauce to spice up your meal with.

Artwork from Diablo 4 featuring grey horned demons before an orange, fiery backdrop

Diablo 4 has been out for a short while now, and the iconic RPG game is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Blizzard has its marketing game on lock, partnering up with all sorts of celebrities and hosting fun events to get players interested in Diablo 4. So, what has the company got in store for fans now? You’d never guess it, so we’ll tell you—hot sauce. Yes, you can enter a giveaway for a chance to win a Diablo 4-inspired hot sauce flavored by none other than Lilith and her ever-enveloping hatred.

Of all the ridiculous news I have come to expect from Diablo 4, this new hot sauce giveaway stands out. Yes, even among contenders like Megan Fox reading eulogies or Whoopi Goldberg wanting to play on her Mac. Right now, you can drop a simple fire emoji under Diablo’s post on Twitter along with two hashtags for a chance to win the giveaway box containing said hot sauce. Alongside the nicely dubbed “Lilith’s Hatred” hot sauce comes a Revenge hoodie, courtesy of Complex.

The full rules are detailed on Blizzard’s site here, but you can sadly only enter for a shot at the spicy loot if you are from the United States of America. It feels like the US is always getting these fun collaboration event opportunities, like the League of Legends Coca-Cola flavour.

An image showing the Diablo 4 giveaway box with the hot sauce and hoodie

If you’re lucky enough to be a US Diablo 4 player, be sure to enter these sweepstakes and let us all know the intricate flavor of Lilith’s bottled rage upon winning. You only have until June 9 at 5am EST / 2pm PDT / 10am BST / 11am CET to enter, so you’re going to have to be fast about it.

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