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Megan Fox is reading Diablo 4 eulogies, seriously

You can now submit your Diablo 4 death videos on Twitter or TikTok for a chance to hear actress Megan Fox read out your eulogy aloud.

Actress Megan Fox standing in front of a dark backdrop with multiple small candles

Following the recent release of Diablo 4, we have all been spending a large portion of our time in-game grinding and of course, dying. What better reward could you get for dying in this RPG game than a personalized eulogy read out loud by none other than Megan Fox herself? That’s right, you can submit a video of your death in Diablo 4 for a shot at hearing the queen salute your fallen character. Step aside Lilith, it seems that a new mommy is coming to Diablo to save our souls.

I thought that learning about Diablo 4’s upcoming expansions was shocking since the game pretty much only just launched, but boy was I mistaken. The actress we all drooled over as kids is now involved with the game, teaming up with Blizzard to give us what we never knew we needed (until now). Megan Fox is going to be reading out Diablo 4 eulogies on June 8 in honor of the best in-game deaths shared by players online.

For a chance at hearing Megan recount your character’s untimely death, all you need to do is upload a video showcasing the unfortunate situation on either TikTok or Twitter. Make sure to tag the video with ‘#DiabloDeaths’ so that your entry doesn’t go unnoticed. I need to spend some time figuring out how I’ll pull this off myself now, because who would dare miss out on something like this?


Sure, we already got to witness a weird crossover between Diablo 4 and BTS, but this is Megan Fox we’re talking about here. I want my eulogy, damn it! Other fans seem to similarly be excited, commenting on the reveal and saying that the situation in its entirety is “fire” or more simply, a “W” for Diablo. I’m inclined to agree. With regular celebrity events like these, it’s no wonder that Diablo 4 has already been played for longer than the entirety of the human civilization’s existence.

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