Diablo 4’s most powerful and elusive sword has finally been found

Diablo 4 sword The Grandfather is probably the strongest weapon in the game, with incredible base stats and a huge crit damage multiplier, and one just dropped.

Diablo 4's most powerful sword found - Donan, a bearded man, looks up in a mix of wonder and terror, bathed in red light.

Diablo 4 is all about making the numbers go up, and few items can beat the Diablo 4 The Grandfather sword when it comes to doing that in style. Brandishing this two-handed beast, you’ll be blessed with incredible stats and frankly quite disgusting crits, making it one of the most sought-after items in the RPG game. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the rarest – in fact, we’ve just had confirmation of the first Diablo 4 player to spot one in the wild, over three weeks after the full release.

The Grandfather joins the other confirmed pickups, which began when Blizzard acknowledged the first appearance of one of Diablo 4’s rarest items, the Harlequin Crest. Developer Adam Jackson would later go on to lay out all six of the uniques that fall into this category, crucially confirming that players needed to be blasting at level 85 or above to discover one of them. Since then, we’ve had a confirmed Andariel’s Visage, and now we have a third.

The lucky roll has gone to a Chinese Necromancer player, who was already at level 100 and says the item dropped from an event chest while farming Diablo 4 Helltide events. Much like other Diablo 4 uniques, it has fixed stats that will appear on it – although, as players on the Diablo Reddit where the item was shared note, not fixed rolls for those stats.

This led to some people joking that, while the stats are undeniably strong – boasting incredible damage and critical damage multipliers, and The Grandfather’s unique benefit of having higher attributes than standard items – it falls basically in the middle of the potential ranges on every stat. One popular comment from user ‘baconsplash’ simply says, “Midfather.”

Diablo 4 The Grandfather sword - screenshot showing a drop, with translated values: 2,740 DPS; +52.5 Critical Damage; +69% Damage; +3,526 Max Life; +72 All Stats; Ignores durability loss; Critical Strike Damage increased by 84%; Other attributes can randomly have higher values than normal.

I don’t think that’ll stop players from wanting it, however, as the image we’ve translated above shows some impressive values nonetheless. I’m certainly a little envious, although my desire is quenched somewhat in the knowledge that my Rogue build wouldn’t actually be able to use it anyway, because two-handed swords don’t exactly fit into its quick-and-deadly toolkit.

With Diablo 4 patch 1.0.3 massively boosting the endgame XP grind, now’s a great time to push into those high levels and try to nab one of these ultra-elusive desirables for yourself. Just promise me you won’t get too hung up on the chase, okay?

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