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Diablo 4 patch notes - 1.02 update hotfix nerfs power leveling trick

If you’ve been using higher world tiers to help power level your characters, the process is about to get slower thanks to the latest Diablo 4 patch notes.

Diablo 4 patch notes 1.02 hotfix 11 - Elias, a pale man with a shaved head wearing black and gold robes grimaces, flecks of blood across his face.

New Diablo 4 patch notes are here with a pair of Diablo 4 1.02 update hotfixes rolling out overnight to help polish up Blizzard’s long-awaited RPG game as it takes over all our free time. The good news is that these Diablo 4 patch changes include more performance improvements; the bad news, for some players at least, is that a particularly handy Diablo 4 leveling trick used to rapidly climb the ranks has been removed.

Some intrepid adventurers discovered a method allowing them to invite other players to join Diablo 4 world tier 3 and 4 games before they were eligible to access them. If you’re still working your way through the campaign, you’ll have to beat that and then complete a level 50 ‘capstone dungeon’ to unlock world tier 3, called nightmare, with another dungeon awaiting you at level 70 that earns you the right to play in world tier 4, torment.

As someone who plowed through a lot of side content while doing the campaign, thus doing so on world tier 2 and being a little over level 50 for basically the whole back half, I can personally attest to how much dramatically faster your leveling goes past the level 50 mark when you bump things up to world tier 3; that only grows in tier 4. So this invite trick was an incredibly potent way to rapidly fire your Diablo 4 classes up to the highest levels by having teammates clear high-level content while you stood nearby.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has spotted this and wiped it out. Personally I’m not particularly inclined to power level, at least not so early in the game’s life cycle, but the Diablo 4 max level grind is a very long one, so I can absolutely understand the appeal here – especially for alt characters. It has typically been a thing in the other Diablo games as well, so it’s a little surprising to see Blizzard step on it so firmly. That said, leveling to 50 is still pretty fast once you know what you’re doing, so it’ll probably prove more of a speedbump than a full stop sign.

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Diablo 4 patch notes 1.02 hotfix 11

Here are Diablo 4 patch notes for the 1.02 hotfix – note that Diablo 4 patch 1.0.3 is now out, so check that link for the full details.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where players in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 could invite others to their party that were not eligible for those higher tiers.
  • Fixed an issue where all World Tiers would display as unlocked when players may not have met the requirements.
  • Further stability and improvements.

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Class Changes


  • Resolved an unintended damage interaction with the Druid’s “Toxic Claws” passive.

Bug Fixes

  • Further stability and improvements.

For those of you looking for a bit more reasoning on Blizzard’s decision, you can look towards the planned ‘Diablo 4 campfire chat’ taking place on June 16 at 11am PT / 2pm ET / 7pm BST / 8pm CEST for a casual conversation between some of the game’s lead developers about how launch has gone and what’s next ahead of Diablo 4 season 1.

For now, you’ll have to rely on the best Diablo 4 builds to pump up your levels, and fortunately we’ve brought together our own experts and those at Blizzard to find them. We’ve also been doing some investigation into the rumored Diablo 4 cow level and where it can be found.