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All Diablo 4 shrines explained

You’ll encounter many different Diablo 4 shrines while exploring the open world, so here’s what they do and why you should be seeking them out.

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What are Diablo 4 shrines? These mini-monoliths are scattered through the cursed lands of Diablo 4, and while their purpose may be a little confusing at first, activating one will give your character temporary boosts so you can slay Lilith’s hordes with ease – and reap some rewards while you’re at it.

You’ll have no doubt discovered a Diablo 4 shine while exploring the Diablo 4 map, but its effects may not have been immediately apparent – except for the large groups of enemies that appear from nowhere. Luckily for you, we’ve explored the lands of Sanctuary to discover them all along with their effects. Shrines can be considered mini-challenges, with plenty of XP up for grabs and some rewards available on completion. If you’re starting out, be sure to visit our Diablo 4 class and Diablo 4 builds guides. Below, we’ve listed all the different Diablo 4 shrines and what they do.

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Every Diablo 4 shrine

Here is every shrine in Diablo 4 and its effect:

Shrine Effect
Artillery shrine Attack speed increased, and all attacks summon holy arrows.
Blast Wave shrine Explosions appear periodically around you, damaging enemies.
Channeling shrine Zero cooldowns and cost on all skills.
Conduit shrine Turn into a ball of lightning, shocking enemies as you pass through them.
Greed shrine Enemies will drop gold coins when hit.
Lethal shrine Every ability deals more damage.
Protection shrine You cannot be harmed and cannot be stopped.

When you activate a shrine out in the world, it bestows you with additional movement speed and a specific blessing. These effects last for 30 seconds and are accompanied by a large group of enemies.

Now that you know about every Diablo 4 shrine, it’s time to get out there, get your buffs, and start cracking skulls. Make sure you’re up to speed with the Diablo 4 endgame, world bosses, and dungeons as you progress through Sanctuary, especially now that Diablo 4 season 1 has arrived.