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Diablo 4 stash upgrade, location, and the Eternal Realm

Find and upgrade your Diablo 4 stash to organize and curate your precious loot after a difficult day of demon slaying and adventuring.

Diablo 4 stash: a three-headed dog beast snarls menacingly with yellow teeth and glowing red eyes.

Want to know about the Diablo 4 stash system? The Diablo 4 stash gives you a private chest to store some of your most prized possessions. Any items that fit in your inventory can fit in your stash, so feel free to put your favorite weapons, armor, and gems away for a rainy day. At first, your stash is limited to just 50 storage slots, but this can be upgraded as you progress through the game.

Whether you’re just starting with one of the best builds or you’re a seasoned Diablo 4 endgame player on the hunt for Uniques, your stash is essential for organizing your items. For some experienced Diablo 4 players, the stash doesn’t have enough storage space, but there’s a way around this if you don’t mind creating mule characters. Here’s everything you need to know about Diablo 4 stash, including where to find it, how to upgrade it, and more.

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Where can I find my Diablo 4 stash?

The first stash is located at the Inn in Kyovashad. All stash locations have been marked on the map with an open chest icon. There are eight stash locations in total, with each stash containing the same shared inventory. This means if you purchase a stash upgrade at Dry Steppes, this upgrade applies to every stash on the map.

Here are all of the Diablo 4 stash locations:

  • Dry Steppes – Kotama Grasslands
  • Dry Steppes – Fields of Hatred
  • Fractured Peaks – Desolate Highlands
  • Hawezar – The Writhing Mir
  • Hawezar – Umir Plateau
  • Kehjistan – Southern Expanse
  • Kehjistan – Fields of Hatred
  • Scosglen – Emerald Chase

How can I upgrade my Diablo 4 stash?

When you first gain access to your stash, you only have one chest containing 50 storage slots. You can add another chest by clicking the ‘+’ sign placed under the Stash tab, though this will set you back 100,000 gold. You can do this up to three times, though it has been speculated by players that Blizzard may unlock the ability to add another four chests.

Can I keep my items from previous Diablo 4 seasons?

Every time a new Diablo 4 season rolls in, your seasonal characters are transferred to the Eternal Realm. While it’s hard to say goodbye to the character we’ve spent the last three months getting to know, it’s even harder to say goodbye to our epic loot. Fortunately, we can keep our hard-earned items from season to season using the Diablo 4 stash.

How to keep your Eternal Realm stash

Any items in your seasonal character’s stash travel with them into a ‘Withdraw Only’ stash tab. This tab clears at the end of each season to make way for new items, so you must make sure you withdraw anything you want to keep before the end of the new season.

For example, items that you collected during season one move into the ‘Withdraw Only’ stash tab at the end of the season, and they remain there for the duration of season two. You have until season two ends to take your items, otherwise, they will become unrecoverable.

Use mule characters to increase your Diablo 4 stash

Players are given ten character slots in Diablo 4, but if you’re only focusing on one character, there’s a way to use your nine leftover slots to your advantage. It’s important to note that all of your characters share a stash. This makes it easy to level up your alternate characters in case you happen to find useful loot for any of the other Diablo 4 classes.

While your stash is unified across your ten characters, their individual inventories are unique. If you need more slots than the stash provides you with, all you need to do is create a character and get it to Kyovashad. Once you gain access to the first stash, you can use all 33 of your inventory slots to hold items. Just remember to name each of your mule characters something distinct to keep track of what items they’re holding. Creating nine mule characters gives you access to an additional 297 slots alongside your upgraded stash.

That’s all you need to know about the Diablo 4 stash system. Don’t forget to check out our list of the best PC games if you’re looking for more bangers like Diablo 4.