The best Diablo Immortal Crusader build for PvP and PvE

The best Diablo Immortal Crusader build is well suited to charging into battle, controlling large groups of enemies, and providing vital party buffs

A Diablo Immortal Crusader build wearing classic armour

Looking for the best Diablo Immortal Crusader build? Creating a Crusader build for PvP and PvE is a hard balance to strike, but this holy warrior can act as both a heavy brawler and a healer. Pick the right items, skills, and gems and you’ll be tough enough to deal with any situation.

The Crusader is a stalwart Diablo Immortal class and is on our list of the best Diablo Immortal builds. It’s a high-damage class that can cover ground quickly thanks to its celestial steed, and it’s great at tackling large swathes of enemies and buffing the party. If you see yourself as the party’s standard-bearer – one to charge in and act as the rally point, dealing sweeping blows while aiding your tailing comrades – then you should choose the Crusader.

We’ve gone for a build that works in both PvE and PvP, but we recommend playing this with a party of friends as the crowd control skills and area of attack abilities are more effective when your teammates can swoop in and finish enemies off. It’s also worth flagging that the party buffs we include in this build make it very poorly optimised for solo play, but with a few tweaks, you can create a solo build that’ll bash down most packs of enemies.

Diablo Immortal Crusader build: a Crusader smashing the head of an enemy wolf with their club, while standing in water.

Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build

The Crusader is best surrounded by enemies and party members, where they can unleash both devastating AoE attacks and important party-wide buffs. The movement speed from Drawn and Quarter lets you charge through crowds, maiming enemies for the rest of the party to clean up.

We’ve chosen a build that scales through the levels, but the ultimate goal is Holy Banner, which is one of the best Crusader skills and guarantees critical hits for your party. The basic playstyle for this build is to scout ahead, stampede through crowds when you find them, and then place down Holy Banner in time for your friends to arrive and decimate the horde.

Best attributes for Crusader

  • Strength
  • Fortitude
  • Vitality

For the Crusader, you want to focus on building strength so your damage output is high. As your secondary attribute, Fortitude provides armour penetration and therefore increases damage dealt, while your third attribute – Vitality – increases your life total, which is necessary for the Crusader who is usually in the middle of a brawl.

Best skills for Crusader

Primary skill: Punish

Punish is available at level 1. With this skill, you strike an enemy for damage and gain hardened senses, which increases your chance to block by 30% for two seconds.

Core Skills

Spinning Shield

  • Unlocks at level 1
  • Send a Spinning Shield towards enemies, dealing damage and pulling enemies towards you

Draw and Quarter

  • Unlocks at level 15
  • Mount a celestial horse for six seconds, removing all movement impairing effects and increasing movement speed by 65%

Holy Banner

  • Unlocks at level 38
  • Lay a Holy Banner that inspires nearby allies for 11.2 seconds and increases critical hit chance by 100%

Conjuration of Light

  • Unlocks at level 50
  • Calls down a beam of holy light that protects you and nearby allies from damage for three seconds

Best gems for Crusader

  • Tourmaline
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

Best legendary gems for Crusader

  • Chained Death
  • Howler’s Call
  • Blessing of the Worthy
  • Sleeping Bile
  • Frozen Hearth
  • Unity Crystal

For normal gems, prioritise Tourmaline for a damage increase, Sapphire for armour penetration, and Topaz for resistance.

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As for legendary gems, Chained Death is great early on and for this build specifically as it complements Spinning Shield by increasing your damage for every enemy you hit. Later on, Seeping Bile is an ideal addition, buffing your AoE and chain attacks with spreading poison procs, and Frozen Hearth should be brought along to give you some extra defence against ranged damage.

Best set items for Crusader

The best set items for the Crusader you can equip are the entire Windloft Perfection set. These items will give you the Thousand Winds perk, which increases your movement speed by 15% and increases damage you deal by 20%. This perk only deactivates (for three seconds) if you take damage. In addition, the third tier of this set item’s buffs gives you a shield that makes you immune to any damage five times while Thousand Winds is active. You can’t gain this shield more than once every 40 seconds, but it should be enough to tank some heavy hits.

Here are all the locations for the Windloft Perfection set items for the best Crusader build:

  • Wisdom’s Edge – Forgotten Tower
  • Fairfleet – Mad King’s Breach
  • Foulfleet – Pit of Anguish
  • Hurtling Steel – Tomb of Fahir
  • Whipcrack – Destruction’s End
  • Stump-Stir – Kikuras Rapids

That’s how to create the best Crusader build in Diablo Immortal, if you’re still unsure of who to pick, check out our Diablo Immortal tier list to see how they’re currently ranking. You can also check out our builds for the Necromancer, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk if you want to start again with a different class.