Diablo Immortal update adds new event, legendary gem changes

A Diablo Immortal update adds a new limited-time event to start the 2023 roadmap for the Blizzard RPG and makes changes to legendary gems and reforge stones

Diablo Immortal update - a necromancer holding a skull burning with a blue flame

There may be several months still to wait for the Diablo 4 release date, but a new Diablo Immortal update is here to kickstart the 2023 roadmap for the Blizzard crossover mobile and PC game. The fantasy game is beginning the year with a new limited-time event following on from the introduction of the second major Diablo Immortal update Terror’s Tide in December.

The update will be deployed following Diablo Immortal server maintenance on January 4 from 4-6pm PT / 7-9pm ET (that’s January 5 from 12-2am GMT / 1-3am CET) for Europe, Oceania, China, East Asia, and Southeast Asia servers. Meanwhile, American servers will have server maintenance on January 5 from 12-2am PT / 3-5am ET / 8-10am GMT / 9-11am CET.

The Diablo Immortal Rising Damnation event runs January 5-13 at 3am server time. You’ll be given daily tasks to complete, each of which will award a selection of materials and money upon completion. There are also bonus rewards for completing enough tasks over the course of the event, including a Diablo Immortal Telluric Pearl (used to craft a five-star legendary gem of your choosing) and a legendary crest – though just a standard one, in its new orange look following the Diablo Immortal legendary crest redesign.

Speaking of the ever-present Diablo Immortal legendary gems, two notable ones are being adjusted to ensure they behave consistently on player summons. The Chip of Stoned Flesh will now cause summoned creatures to deal additional damage to enemies affected by Explosive Curse, and the damage-over-time effects of Seeping Bile will now apply to critical hits that come from your summons.

Those looking to get their hands on reforge stones will soon be able to do so without being required to spend the paid currency, Eternal Orbs. Following the update, reforge stones will be available for 1,000 platinum from Yverius, the smithing materials vendor found in Westmarch. You’ll also be able to buy them directly from the in-game shop.

There are a few minor quality of life improvements coming, too. Firstly, Aspirant’s Keys and Gems will now be automatically looted from Iben Fahd’s Sanctum. Creating a Helliquary raid will now notify members of your Warband and Clan, making it easy for them to join. Finally, bounties taken by a party leader will now be shared with other members unless they already have four active bounties, in which case they will have the option to replace their current ones with those of the leader.

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