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How to complete Dreamlight Valley The Great Blizzard gems quest

The Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard gems quest requires specific stones to be placed in the secret Frosted Heights cave, so here's what you need.

Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard gem quests: A pink-haired player character stands in front of an ominous Dreamlight Valley portal

The Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard questline is a long one, continuing the story of The Forgetting and the part you played in the terrifying mysteries that have befallen the valley. In order to complete these quests, clear up the great blizzard, and save the Frosted Heights biome – as well as bring Olaf back to the valley – you’ll need a few rare resources, including some very specific gems.

Just like in the Dreamlight Valley mystical cave riddle and Mickey’s secret door quest before it, the Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard quests task you with working out which three specific gems you need to retrieve the new Love Orb. Before that though, you also need some other rare resources, and you need to know how to find Olaf in Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard quests: The blizzard surrounds giant ice spikes and the Frosted Heights pillar

Great Blizzard quest gems and resources

Once you’ve found Olaf and returned his missing nose, you’ll find out more about the overall story of Dreamlight Valley and The Forgetting. While we’ll let you uncover that for yourself, you can prepare yourself for these quests by gathering the following materials:

  • 25 Night Shards and five Dream Shards for purifying.
  • 50 sand and ten coal for making glass.

You also need to speak to Elsa, so if you’re having trouble completing the Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard quests, it may be if you haven’t finished the story of the Frozen realm. With Elsa in your village, you’ll be able to continue with the Great Blizzard questline.

Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard gems: Six gemstones stand on pillars in the secret cave

Having crafted the resources into a Dreamlight Prism, you then need to place the prism on the first pillar in the Frosted Heights cave. There are three more pillars, on top of which you must place very specific gems.

The Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard gems you need are:

  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Emerald

As we mention in our Dreamlight Valley guide, these gems must be the basic stones, and not the larger shiny variants. You also need to place them in a specific order, but luckily the game won’t let you place them incorrectly. If you’re unable to place one of these gems, it’s because you’re trying to place it on the wrong pillar, or it’s a shiny gem. Once placed in the correct order (hint: remember that they’re the colours of the rainbow!), the gems and prism unlock a portal, allowing you to retrieve the Love Orb, and continue your quest to save the valley.

So now you can complete the Dreamlight Valley Great Blizzard gem quests in one of the best PC games of the last year, you’ll be able to stop the snowstorm and return the Frosted Heights biome to its former glory. Once that’s done and you can relax again, be sure to unlock Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley, as her house – the Mini-Casita – is simply a wonder to behold. And speaking of houses, find out how to upgrade your house in Dreamlight Valley, as more home customisation options for the Disney game have been made available.