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Disney Dreamlight Valley bug has Scrooge’s shop understocked

Scrooge’s shop is a great source of Disney Dreamlight Valley items, but the duck’s store is sometimes left empty as items don’t stock correctly in the life game

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a character stands with their mouth wide as Scrooge McDuck holds up a small pile of gold coins

Disney Dreamlight Valley players will be very familiar with the sight of Scrooge’s shop, as the McDuck emporium is one of the best places to stock up on Disney Dreamlight Valley items in the life sim game. The shop features several display stands and window displays that offer up a random selection of goodies to buy with your in-game gold, with all manner of clothing and furniture on offer. However, some fans of the management game have been finding the shop a little understocked of late.

Players on the Dreamlight Valley Reddit, along with several users on Twitter, query why the shop sometimes seems to be displaying fewer items than intended on its many stands. Some players report that resetting the game causes the stock to switch over to something new, but others say that this doesn’t work for them. Other users report that no outfits are appearing in the window displays.

“I had four things on the table today but I have definitely had days where it wasn’t full,” recounts one player, “Today I only had the Little Mermaid pendant lamp on the big platform on the balcony, which was weird.” Another user responds that they “had some basic crusty chandelier on that yesterday.” Some are simply frustrated that items they have no interest in keep popping back up in the store repeatedly, while they can’t get their hands on more exciting trinkets.

Other players say they have run into a different, but similarly heartbreaking issue. One user describes, “I logged in the other day and it was like Christmas! Everything was new to me and would have worked well with my other decorations.” Unfortunately, they then report that, “The game crashed and when I went back in it was all different from before and all repeats. So frustrating.”

It appears that these issues may be related – players hypothesise that auto-save on certain platforms might be preventing the stock from refreshing when players reload their games, but that if a crash happens it circumnavigates this issue. Regardless of the cause, it’s certainly no end of frustration for players who just want to do a little shopping.

The Dreamlight Valley Twitter account says that it is looking into an issue causing Scrooge’s items to not refresh correctly, as well as an issue that prevents items from appearing on Scrooge’s displays. Neither are currently listed on the Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker at the time of writing, but keep an eye there if you’ve been affected by this or other problems to see what is currently being worked on and when fixes are deployed.

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