Disney Dreamlight Valley update brings Steam Deck perfection

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley update makes the Frozen and Toy Story life game better than ever on Steam Deck, alongside festive features and easier ingots

Disney Dreamlight Valley update brings Steam Deck perfection. Wall-E, Belle, and other Disney characters congregate in an idyllic town square in the Disney life game

The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update makes the Frozen, Toy Story, and Wall-E-driven life game optimised for Valve’s Steam Deck, while also introducing some sweet Christmas features, easy-to-get ingots vital for DDV quests, and perhaps the greatest single patch note that we have seen all year.

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update Missions in Uncharted Space launches December 6 and starts by reducing loading times and the installation size of the game itself across all platforms, including the Steam Deck, with which Dreamlight Valley is now fully compatible. The game has been “optimised” across all platforms, too, with a slew of bug fixes likely making your Disney experience a lot swifter and smoother going forward.

With Christmas rolling up, and another update to Dreamlight Valley recipes adding Mickey Mouse-themed gingerbread cookies, you can also now manually light fireplaces to inject some festive warmth to the life game, with drop rates for wood fixed across all biomes, meaning you can find logs a lot more reliably than before – there’s not more wood, but it will spawn in consistent locations.

Frame-rate drops have been addressed, and a few key bugs have been removed. Critters you’ve befriended will now always appear in the collection menu and your character won’t have that issue where they look away from the camera during selfie mode. Several quests that included progress-blocking bugs have been fixed, including ‘A Deal with Ursual,’ ‘Photo Fervor,’ ‘The Dreamlight Fountain,’ ‘Part of his World,’ ‘Lair Sweet Lair,’ and ‘Peacemakers.’

You can also buy ingots now from Kristoff, whose shop inventory has been expanded, while his Frozen friend Olaf will join the valley, and the latest Dreamlight Valley update comes with, for our money, the best single patch note in any game from 2022.

“Buffed critter stomachs” means that you can now feed critters multiple times per day, allowing you to befriend them much more quickly. “Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking the time to share your experiences with us,” Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft says. “They really do go a long way towards supporting the evolution of this game.”

Check out our Dreamlight Valley beginner’s guide if you’re jumping into the Disney wonderland just in time for Christmas. You’ll also want to know where to find Dreamlight Valley dream shards, and all the Dreamlight Valley characters that are coming in the future.