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Dreamlight Valley update returns one of its most useful features

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update returns the oft-requested ability to buy unlimited coal from Kristoff’s stall; great news for cooking in the life game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley update - a character in a black sweater shows off Kristoff's stall, which offers a range of useful resources

The next Dreamlight Valley update is almost upon us, and developer Gameloft reveals on Twitter that it includes the return of one of the most useful and commonly requested features. Already one of the best Disney games on PC, Disney Dreamlight Valley is shaping up for an exciting 2023 beginning with the arrival of Encanto’s Mirabel and Frozen’s Olaf in February, but its most recently announced change might be one of its most exciting.

Gameloft says, “Since last update, Kristoff has put his gathering skills to the test and will be increasing item limits across the board at his stall – including the return of limitless coal!” If you’ve played as much Dreamlight Valley as I have, you’ll already know why this is huge news, but if you’re still in the early stages then let me reassure you – this is huge news.

Kristoff’s stall is one of the most useful companion features offered out of all the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters so far. You’ll unlock the ability to construct the stall once you reach friendship level 6 with Kristoff, but can then upgrade it at friendship level 10 to hold six items each day. These rotate out on a daily basis, but include some very useful items including iron and gold ingots, bricks, fabric, and coal ore.

Coal is one of the most useful Dreamlight Valley resources – it’s used in all cooking, so you’ll need plenty if you’re aiming to cook all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and make meals for Remy’s restaurant and your village pals, or just to crank out some coffees to keep your stamina up while you’re farming. It’s not too difficult to farm, but it can be quite a tedious process, so being able to buy it directly from Kristoff is a welcome boon.

In the early days of Dreamlight Valley – before I became invested in the game, in fact – you could buy unlimited stock from Kristoff’s stall. As well as the obvious use in avoiding the need to grind out resources, this was particularly potent as it enabled the ability to make potentially infinite money in Dreamlight Valley by repeatedly cooking Soufflés, which otherwise only require ingredients purchasable from Remy to turn a pure profit.

Without the ability for batch cooking (something Gameloft says it is considering, but is not yet available), cranking out Soufflés one by one is a bit of a grind, so it’s not the most efficient way to make money, but it’ll be interesting to see whether the cost of Kristoff’s coal supplies is adjusted or if this method is allowed to persist as-is. Gameloft has made nods to the power of the Soufflé as a money-making tool, so they’re certainly aware of it.

“It’s important to us that we strike a healthy balance between fulfilling and challenging,” Gameloft adds. “While we want to ensure gathering rare materials isn’t made trivial, some conveniences are worth coming back to. We know how much you love cooking after all!” It’s certainly a weight off my mind, and coal is far from the only reason – the potential to more easily get my hands on even basic resources such as sand and pebbles will certainly move along my extensive Dreamlight Valley renovation project at an enhanced pace.

The Dreamlight Valley Encanto update arrives on February 16. Gameloft is also teasing its April update ahead of time with a Dreamlight Valley Lion King trailer featuring Simba and Nala. Be sure to check our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for the best money-making tips and much more, along with more of the best cooking games on PC if you’re feeling hungry.