Giant Elden Ring boss defeated with bare hands in five-hour RPG brawl

A Twitch streamer defeats two of the hardest Elden Ring boss fights, Fire Giant and Godskin Duo, using only bare hands in the open-world FromSoftware RPG game

Elden Ring boss defeated with bare hands - the towering Fire GIant, a lumbering giant with a face in his chest and long, fiery red hair

Some of the hardest Elden Ring boss fights are intimidating enough when you’re tooled up to the nines with the fanciest weapons and magic, so taking on one of the most gargantuan foes in the FromSoftware RPG game using nothing but your bare hands seems like a feat reserved for only the most dedicated player. Luckily for us, Twitch streamer GinoMachino is just such a player – eschewing the best Elden Ring builds in favour of his two meaty paws.

Weaponless runs have long been a staple challenge of FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but in some cases there are ways to bump up your damage somewhat via stat scaling or bonus damage on backstabs and ripostes. There’s no such joy in Elden Ring, leaving challenge run fan GinoMachino often dealing single-digit damage numbers to some of the game’s most durable bosses.

While he is able to make fairly steady progress, things get especially tough when he reaches the mammoth Fire Giant. Boasting a huge 43,263 health pool, GinoMachino’s 8 to 12 damage slaps must have felt like the light pitter-patter of rain falling on its weathered, leathery skin. In case you don’t fancy the mental mathematics, that’s between 3605 and 5408 hits in total to bring down the blazing behemoth – something GinoMachino pulls off over the course of an astonishing five and a half hour scrap.

Seemingly not satisfied with this marathon, he was back at it again less than 24 hours later, this time against the Godskin Duo. The notorious dual boss fight features a shared health pool totaling 26,350 HP. While that might pale in comparison to that of the Fire Giant, actually landing hits against the Godskin Duo is tougher because, well, there’s two of them. Nonetheless, another five and a half hours later, GioMachino prevails against the monstrous pair.

So what’s next from here? After saying he didn’t think that Godskin Duo would be possible and proving that to be false, the world is GinoMachino’s oyster. He seems to think there are limits though, saying, “No way in hell I’m doing Rykard!” At a staggering 59,174 HP and with environmental hazards making close-range combat extremely dangerous, he might have a point. We wouldn’t put anything past him at this point, however.

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