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Elden Ring mod lets you become a deadly, teleporting shinobi

Elden Ring mod Aspects of the Shinobi draws inspiration from fellow FromSoftware RPG Sekiro to add a deadly range of teleporting attacks to the open-world game

Elden Ring mod Aspects of the Shinobi - a player character dives forward through the air, spinning their blade in a wide circle around them

A new Elden Ring mod lets you live out your dreams of becoming a deadly, teleporting shinobi. Already one of the best RPG games on PC, the vast array of Elden Ring mods available only further expands the potential of the FromSoftware open-world game. Taking inspiration (and several movesets) from fellow FromSoftware game Sekiro and combining them with original creations, this latest addition offers an incredibly fun and potent toolset.

The Aspects of the Shinobi Elden Ring mod, by creator Hotbite, includes animations taken from several Sekiro characters including the likes of Genichiro, the Lone Shadows, and Owl, and implements them alongside some custom animations crafted by Hotbite themselves to build out a full moveset with some incredible-looking combos.

The resulting payoff is a two-handed katana moveset with almost unparalleled mobility, weaving together darting strikes, spinning slashes, and short-range teleportation in multiple directions to outmanoeuvre your foes. A video below showing the basic moveset as well as the mod in action against several of the toughest Elden Ring bosses (spoiler warning, obviously) showcases just how powerful this loadout can be. It’s almost reminiscent of the likes of Devil May Cry’s Vergil.

If you want to be the storm that is approaching, the Aspects of the Shinobi mod for Elden Ring is available at Nexus Mods. The mod’s creator says that the mod was initially a little overpowered due to slightly mistuned attack values, but that this should have been addressed. They also note that a second version of the mod uses raptor mist effects to give a slightly different look for players who find the standard teleportation effect a little jarring.

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Image credit: Hotbite on Nexus Mods.