Elden Ring sword and bow combat combine in mod for RPG game

Elden Ring sword and bow combat are usually two distinct aspects of the FromSoftware fantasy RPG game, but a new mod combines the movesets with a dash of charm

Elden Ring 'Slumbering Dynasty' mod - a figure leaps high in the air, drawing a bow as it glows blue with magic

Ever wished you could wield the best Elden Ring sword and bow together at the same time? Trying to pick just one of the best Elden Ring weapons to use is a heartbreaking endeavour at times, because there are just so many fun ways to play the FromSoftware RPG game. Thankfully, you won’t have to restrict yourself as much if you make use of this new Elden Ring mod, which aims to combine the clean simplicity of a straight sword with the flashy ranged attacks of a bow. It also introduces a little splash of charm to win enemies over to your side, just as a cherry on top.

The Slumbering Dynasty Elden Ring mod comes from creator Hotbite, who has previously worked on several other custom Elden Ring movesets that draw inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The moveset works with all straight swords, but you’ll need to make use of the Sword of St Trina ash of war and equip the weapon with two hands in order to employ the moveset.

Just a few moments seeing the moveset in action should give you plenty of encouragement to use it. Stepping in for some swift two-handed sword strikes before bouncing away with a backflipping bow barrage might perhaps – dare we say it – be a tad overpowered, feeling almost more like something out of Devil May Cry than traditional Soulslike combat. When it’s this much fun, though, we’re not going to complain – Elden Ring offers the player enough ways to break it in-game already, after all.

As if weaving between rapid flurries and slide-shots reminiscent of Monster Hunter wasn’t enough, Slumbering Dynasty comes with another optional trick up your sleeve. The charm system lets you use the uncharged ash of war to charm enemies, who can then become your allies. Once you’ve killed a certain amount of them, you can use the charged ash of war to summon those units to fight by your side, as demonstrated in the video below.

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If you’re eager to try this out for yourself, you can find Slumbering Dynasty at Nexus Mods, where you’ll also find Hotbite’s past work – including the option to become a teleporting Elden Ring shinobi.

This latest mod has also been tweaked to ensure that it runs on Elden Ring patch 1.08.1, which resolves some moveset trickery in the PvP Colosseum and fixes a frustrating multiplayer bug outside of it. If you’re hoping to take down the toughest Elden Ring bosses the game has to offer, be sure you’re rocking the best Elden Ring builds before you pick up this new moveset and you should be set for success. Of course, we’ve got plenty more of the best Elden Ring mods for you to browse as well.