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Fall Guys is adding Netflix’s Masters of the Universe to the game

Masters of the Universe is doing a crossover with Fall Guys, and it'll include in-game characters as well as a line of bean-shaped toys

Fall Guys Master of the Universe crossover: A close-up shot of a He-Man figure, holding his Power Sword in his left hand

The light-hearted battle royale game Fall Guys will be launching a new crossover in the near future. Toymaker Mattel and developer Mediatonic have announced that a set of Masters of the Universe figures as Fall Guys beans will be coming out soon, along with versions to play as in-game.

The figures will be sold in a limited-edition multipack that includes four Fall Guys bean Masters of the Universe characters, each with four points of articulation and a unique accessory. He-Man gets his trademark Power Sword, and Battle Cat has his fetching armoured helm. Those packs will be available via Mattel Creations, Mattel’s direct-sale site, when the presale goes live, but fans attending San Diego Comic-Con will get an early peek at the designs.

“Fans should also be on the lookout for the iconic MOTU characters to soon join Fall Guys in-game,” the companies have announced. The specific date for the characters’ arrival in Fall Guys was not revealed in the press release.

Fall Guys has done crossovers before: Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla, Ninja, and Nier Automata’s 2B have all appeared in bean form in the game over the past year or so.