Sonic the Hedgehog is in Fall Guys now, God help us

This bean's gotta go fast

We thought the theme of Fall Guys Season 2 was medieval fantasy, but it turns out it’s whatever the heck Mediatonic want it to be, because the developer of the battle royale multiplayer game starring hyper-competitive jumping beans has gone and added a Sonic the Hedgehog costume.

We’ve seen a few crossover costumes in Fall Guys already: you can play as Chell and P-Body from Portal, for example, and there’s also one for Scout from Team Fortress 2. Now Mediatonic has teamed up with Sega to create a Sonic skin and it’s… upsetting.

All the main elements of Sonic are present: there’s the blue fur, the spiky back, the speedy red shoes, and the classic cartoon gloves. However, this is a costume for Fall Guys beans, and so Sonic’s signature glare frames the beans’ white faceplates, without there being a snout or mouth underneath it. The result is something far more menacing than any character we can recall seeing in Sonic canon to date. Another disquieting element of the outfit is the clearly visible line bisecting it into top and bottom halves.

This makes it look like some kind of deranged primate face, which is impossible to un-see once you’ve seen it.

Mediatonic representatives held a livestream to announce the new skin, and their real-life Sonic costumes will burn a similar indelible mark into your cerebellum:

Who knows what further horrors await us in Season 2? Perhaps Yoko Taro will get his wish, and we’ll see a machine life form skin from Neir: Automata make its way into the Fall Guys shop. With Halloween coming up soon, just about anything is on the table.