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FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution

Finding the FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution requires a creative mind, as it demands exactly eight nationalities, here is the easiest and cheapest solution

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC Solution: Ballack celebrates after a teammate scores a goal

The FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution is a tricky one, as not only does it require eight nationalities, but you’re only allowed two of the same nationality. Elite Eight is the third segment of the Hybrid Nations group of advanced SBCs and gives a Rare Players Pack, worth 50,000 coins, when completed.

We already have the solution for the FIFA 23 Around The World SBC, the last, and most challenging section of Hybrid Nations. Once the group is complete you’ll bag yourself a Jumbo Rare Players Pack, easily one of the best packs if you’re looking for a Rulebreakers player or even a FUT Hero. Here is the easiest, and cheapest solution for the Elite Eight SBC.

FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC solution: a concept squad built in FIFA 23

Elite Eight SBC cheap squad

Centering the Elite Eight solution around two or three leagues is important here, as you’re only allowed a maximum of two players from the same nation, so those league links are key for chemistry. This solution uses Serie A, Libertadores, and Ceska Liga players to ensure that hitting the chemistry requirement is no problem.

Player Position League Price
Jindrich Stanek GK Ceska Liga 500
Koray Gunter CB Serie A 500
David Martinez CB Libertadores 600
Oscar Dorley LB Ceska Liga 500
Luis Advincula RB Libertadores 600
Petr Sevcik CM Ceska Liga 600
Albin Ekdal CM Serie A 500
Rodrigo Aliendro CM Libertadores 600
Daniele Verde RW Serie A 500
Lucas Janson LW Libertadores 600
Antonio Sanabria ST Serie A 500

Now that you’ve completed FIFA 23 Elite Eight SBC, we have solutions for the League and Nation Hybrid advanced SBC group; The Challenger, Advanced, Fiendish, and Puzzle Master. Completing all of those SBCs will net you a Rare Mega Pack, worth 55,000 coins, as a reward.