How to visit Adrift or Pawntoon in a motorboat in Fortnite

Learn where the best places are to get a motorboat and where to find both Adrift and Pawntoon to complete this Fortnite season challenge

The Pawntoon ship in Fortnite sailing on the ocean.

Want to know how to visit Adrift or Pawntoon in a Fortnite motorboat? Finding one of these motorised naval vessels in the popular battle royale game is relatively easy, especially if you head to any docks on the coast. However, locating Adrift and Pawntoon is a little trickier as these landmarks are both in the middle of the ocean.

Speaking of loot, this week’s other season challenges are mostly quite simple to finish. The trickiest challenge has players collect treasure using Drake’s map in Fortnite, similar to how players used treasure maps in previous seasons. As we come to the end of Chapter 3 Season 1, there may be some challenges you’ve not finished yet, such as duelling Fortnite NPCs or how to drive a Quadcrasher to Pinnacle Peak.

For this ocean-going challenge, your best bet is to find a boat close to Greasy Grove and head for Adrift, since this landmark is in a fixed place. Pawntoon is harder to find as this ship sails around the island with its location changing every game. In case you are having trouble finding either one of these two locations, you can check out the visual aid and description below.

Fortnite Adrift and Pawntoon locations

Here is where you can find Adrift and Pawntoon in Fortnite:

A map with an orange pin showing the location of Adrift in Fortnite

  • Adrift – in the ocean to the west of Greasy Grove, this area has a discarded, submerged robot hand
  • Pawntoon – just off the coast around the island. Look for the ship on the map to find it

Once you drive a motorboat to either of these locations, you’ll complete this particular Fortnite challenge. It’s not long until the end of the season, so make sure you’ve finished the Fortnite Foundation skin challenges, where you’ll get the Rock as a Fortnite skin. For those who want some free Fortnite V-bucks, we’ve got you covered.