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The original Fortnite map is already playable - you don’t have to wait

If you're tired of waiting for Fortnite's OG map to launch later this week, you can jump into this Creative Mode Island by atlascreative

A promotional image for Fortnite Atlas OG showing characters facing out over the map

Fortnite is having something of a throwback period recently. Not only have props and items from Chapter One been popping up all over the map, but Epic Games has now confirmed that the game will be jumping back to Chapter One later this week. If you want to get some practice in, you can try out the Atlas OG Battle Royale Creative Mode Island.

Fortnite will launch its OG throwback season on November 3, 2023, giving its players a chance to relive some of the iconic moments that made the game such a hit all the way back in 2018. The battle royale game isn’t making players wait too long for the new Fortnite Chapter One map, but it’d be understandable if you’re feeling like you’d rather jump in right this second. To get a taste of what to expect later this week, team atlascreative’s Atlas OG Battle Royale mode is a great way to make sure you’re ready to roll.

Atlas OG Battle Royale is made using Fortnite’s Creative tools, and offers up a very faithful recreation of Chapter 1 Season 3. The loot pool is authentic, as are the maps POIs, and all you have to do to jump in is load up Fortnite and use the Island Code: 2179-7822-3395.

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Obviously, this isn’t exactly like the Fortnite OG map that’s set to be launched by Epic later this week, but by the sounds of it that will be more of an approximation of what Fortnite 2018 was like, with some added mechanics thrown in. At the very least, Atlas OG Battle Royale will get you familiar with some of the weapons that are likely to return.

The Fortnite map is still in its Season 4 Chapter 4 form, and we still have a few more days of the ongoing Fortnitemares event to enjoy before the new season drops. So far, we’ve seen a bunch of new Outfits added, including Michael Myers, Jack Skellington, and even Alan Wake.

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