How to purchase items from malfunctioning vending machines in Fortnite

Every vending machine location in Fortnite and tips to help you find one that is malfunctioning so you can complete the season challenge

A malfunctioning vending machine in Fortnite. It's red with a corrupting exclamation mark.

Want to purchase a random item from a malfunctioning vending machine in Fortnite? In most popular battle royale games, you find loot by opening chests or scattered across the ground, but Fortnite also gives players the option to purchase items from NPCs and vending machines. One of this week’s season challenges asks you to buy an item from a malfunctioning vending machine to earn some experience to earn Fortnite skins and free Fortnite V-Bucks in the battle pass.

The tricky bit here is finding a malfunctioning vending machine in the first place; while vending machines all have fixed locations on the map, they aren’t all broken. You can tell if a specific vending machine is working or not by looking at it (it’ll look, er, broken) or by looking for the vending machine’s minimap icon when you’re close enough. An exclamation mark on the minimap leads to a red malfunctioning vending machine. In this guide, we’ll show you every vending machine location on the Fortnite map. However, it’s up to you to find one that is malfunctioning – and you can’t force it to malfunction by beating it up, in case you were wondering.

Before you even begin searching for these vending machines, make sure you have 100 gold in order to purchase a random item If you’re a bit short on cash, you can check out our Fortnite gold bars guide for more information.

Fortnite vending machines locations

Here are all of the vending machine locations in Fortnite:

Orange pins showing where the vending machines are in Fortnite.

You may get lucky and find a malfunctioning vending machine on your first try, but if you don’t, grab the nearest vehicle and drive around until you find one. Once you do, walk up to it and use it to buy an item and complete the task. To help you complete the rest of this season’s Fortnite challenges, we have guides explaining how to destroy and collect Fortnite telescope parts, where to find Fortnite tornadoes, and how to knock down Fortnite timber pines.