Where to get Marigold’s message from the Fortnite dead drop

The location for the dead drop in Weeping Woods explained

One of the Fortnite dead drops. It looks like a tree stump with a wheel locking mechanism.

Searching for Marigold’s message from the Fortnite dead drop? The alien invasion is finally coming to an end thanks to the efforts of Doctor Slone. This week’s challenge sends players on a mission to receive Marigold’s message from the dead drops around Weeping Woods. These dead drop locations should be familiar to you as they appear during week 2’s legendary challenges. Marigold’s information may be the key to understanding who is behind the ongoing threat.

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This Fortnite challenge has already cropped up earlier in the season, however, you may need a quick refresher to remind you where the dead drop locations are. Here’s everything you need to find Marigold’s message from the Fortnite dead drop.

Fortnite dead drop locations

The Fortnite dead drops can be found in Weeping Woods – there are five dead drop locations in total. Fortunately, you only need to find and interact with one of these logs to complete the challenge.

The Fortnite map with pins detailing the locations of the dead drops around Weeping Woods

Here are all five dead drop locations in Fortnite:

  • South of Boney Burbs, right before you cross the bridge
  • Cross the bridge south of Boney Burbs and make a right
  • Southwest of Boney Burbs just before you reach the trees
  • North of Weeping Woods towards the upper end of the trees
  • Near the centre of Weeping Woods, across the water on the left side

And that’s where you can get Marigold’s message from the Fortnite dead drop. The alien invasion may be ending shortly, but there’s something even bigger looking to take its place. Find out what’s coming to the battle royale game next by reading our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 guide.