Where to place decoy cows in farms in Fortnite

All 14 possible locations for placing cow decoys in farms

An outline for the decoy cow in one of the Fortnite farms.

Want to know where to place cow decoys in Fortnite? With the alien invasion in full swing in the Chapter 2 Season 7 legendary challenges, this week’s challenges have turned their focus back to Hayseed’s Farm and the surrounding areas. After being asked to place some prepper supplies in Hayseed’s Farm, you’ll then be asked to place some decoy cows around any farm.

The latest season has given us all sorts of weird and exciting curveballs along the way, from the introduction of Fortnite alien nanites, to changes to Fortnite crafting and to the Fortnite animals that were introduced in the previous season.

While you only need to deploy three decoy cows in farms, there are 14 cow outlines showing potential decoy cow locations. These outlines are scattered across two areas: Hayseed’s Farm and Corny Complex, so read on to learn where to place cow decoys. We have a map of both areas with pins showing where each cow can be placed, and detailed descriptions of the local area so you know where to place them.

Fortnite decoy cows locations

Here are all 14 locations for placing Fortnite decoy cows:

All 14 possible locations to place decoy cows in farms in Fortnite, pinned on the map.

  • Around the back of the shed furthest to the west in Corny Complex
  • By the yellow truck near the windmill in west Corny Complex
  • Next to the telegraph pole near the windmill in west Corny Complex
  • Next to the small field with a scarecrow in it, near the shack in south Corny Complex
  • Near the rock next to the southeastern shed in Corny Complex
  • By the shed south of the house in Corny Complex
  • Next to the grain silos in east Corny Complex
  • Cross the dirt bridge between Corny Complex and Hayseed’s Farm farm
  • Head up the dirt path heading east from the dirt bridge from Corny Complex to Hayseed’s Farm
  • Head towards Hayseed’s farmhouse. It’s just outside of it
  • Around the back of Hayseed’s farmhouse, close to some trees and hay bales
  • Near the bridge east of Hayseed’s Farm
  • Next to a hay bale just to the side of the dirt path leading to Hayseed’s farmhouse
  • On the corner of the road leading to the bridge east of Hayseed’s Farm

Those are all 14 locations to place cow decoys in Fortnite farms. Be sure to also check out where this week’s Fortnite alien artifacts locations are, as they can be used to unlock new Fortnite Kymera styles. You can also check out our Fortnite NPC guide in case you’re looking for a specific NPC to buy items from, or learn how to use an Inflate-A-Bull – a new item that was introduced to the game this week.