Where to find Fortnite diving board locations

Make a splash by finding a Fortnite diving board to jump off three times for one of this week’s challenges, and earn battle pass XP for doing so

Fortnite diving board locations: a diving board on top of a cliff in the desert.

Want to know where to find Fortnite diving board locations to jump off of? It’s week 3 of the Vibin’ season in the popular battle royale game, and it looks like there may be trouble brewing from the big tree in Reality Falls, perhaps thanks to those Fortnite reality seeds players keep planting. But that’s someone else’s problem for the future. So, it’s time to unwind and complete some weekly challenges.

One of the quests this week is to jump off a Fortnite diving board three times. So far, we’ve uncovered a few locations for these diving boards. You’d think all of them would be close to the lake, but in actuality, it’s almost at the other end of the map in the desert. It shouldn’t be difficult to find, but there is an important caveat.

Where to jump off of a diving board in Fortnite

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, here is the Fortnite diving board location:

Fortnite diving board locations: orange pins showing the locations of the diving boards on the island. There are three in the lake area and at least one elsewhere on the map.

  • There are three on top of the structures in the middle and around the edge of Loot Lake
  • On top of a boulder where the river bends southeast of Rocky Reels

If you decide to use the one near the boulder in the desert, keep in mind that while you could land here in Zero Build, there is no way to get back to the diving board once you have jumped off. Therefore, we recommend you complete this challenge in the standard battle royale mode so you can use the nearby rocks to build a bridge to the diving board.

You should be able to leap off the same Fortnite diving board three times to complete the challenge. The rest of this week’s challenges include one to headbutt an opponent while riding a boar, one of the mountable Fortnite animals. In addition to the weekly quests, we also have the introduction of a few more Fortnite Tover tokens you can find to unlock new styles for one of the Fortnite skins in this season’s battle pass.

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Finally, just in case you missed it, there are also Fortnite Nindo challenges to earn free items and some Vibin’ challenges to complete, with one requiring you to eliminate Darth Vader and his Stormtrooper guards.