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Fortnite skins bring football outfits in time for the FIFA World Cup

These Fortnite skins just want the battle royale game to embrace the world of football in time for the FIFA World Cup, bringing customisation options to boot

Fortnite skins bring the beautiful game to the battle royale. This image shows two of the new Fortnite skins.

Some Fortnite skins are there to help you celebrate the joy of your own personality in Epic Games’ battle royale game. Other skins are more about coming together around an event or some big shared interest. These upcoming skins are in the latter category, and are all about celebrating the humble unknown game of football just in time for the FIFA World Cup in Epic Games’ shooter.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 4 has been a good one for Fortnite skins. We’ve had the awesome time-limited FNCS 2022 skins, the cool new Ayida Level Up quest skin, and even some awesome crossovers like the new Star Wars ones. We’ve not had a big anime crossover this season, but hey, the weebs ate well last time, so maybe they’re still full.

We’re not sure if the polar opposite of a weeb is a football fan, but it’s got to be close, and so Fortnite is introducing the Let Them Know Set on November 21. This set features ten different outfits which you can personalize as you want with different patterns and colours. These look to be the most customizable skins yet, which is potentially exciting and maybe somehow linked to the new Fortnite cosmetic type that leaked last week.

Fortnite skins bring the beautiful game to the battle royale. This image shows four of the new skins.

Along with the outfits themselves, you’ll also be able to get the Top Trophy back bling, the World Class pickaxe, and the Fan Fervor emote. To help celebrate the introduction of these items, there will also be some football-themed quests that will begin on November 22 until December 3, and finishing four of them will net you the Go for the Goal spray.

As we’re rapidly approaching the end of Fortnite chapter 3, it’s a good time to make sure you’ve finished off all of the Fortnite Herald quests. If you need help getting a few more wins, then have a look at our Fortnite tips and tricks.