Where to find the Trashball memorabilia in Fortnite

Learn the quickest way to find the Trashball memorabilia in Fortnite and complete the last of the Delta-One challenges

A foam finger with 'Cole Train' written on it is one of the Thrashball memorabilia lying next to an abandoned bus semi-submerged in snow in Fortnite.

Want to know where to find the Trashball memorabilia in Fortnite? The Gears of War Fortnite collaboration has arrived, and along with the Marcus Fenix and Kait Fortnite skins, there is a set of Delta-One challenges you can complete in exchange for a free spray.

These challenges are only available for a limited time, so if you want to unlock the Gears cog free spray, you need to complete them before December 17. The Trashball memorabilia challenge is the final quest of five; you’ll need to complete them in order, so start by collecting three Cog tags, before crouching behind a wall in Fortnite, then damaging an opponent with melee attacks and shotgun blasts.

There are three possible locations where you can get the Trashball memorabilia, but we think it’s far easier to go to one location in particular and grab all the swag there instead. Land at Rocky Reels and head north along the main road. Turn left and head up the mountain towards the lake. Eventually, you’ll come across a couple of abandoned buses. All three pieces of memorabilia you need are close to these buses. Read on to learn where you need to go.

Fortnite Thrashball memorabilia locations

Here are all three Fortnite Thrashball memorabilia locations you need to complete this challenge:

Orange pins showing where the Thrashball memorabilia locations are in Fortnite.

  • There is a foam finger next to the bus towards the south of this area
  • There is a ball north of the bus hidden in the camp
  • North of the block by the camp, there is a sign advertising Thrashball

And those are all of the Fortnite Thrashball memorabilia locations. Once you collect them, finish the game to unlock the free spray. Speaking of challenges, you may wish to know where to discover the device or how to destroy the signal jammers. We also have details on what the Victory Crown does in Fortnite and how to get the Spider-Man mythic item.