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How to knock down Fortnite timber pines

Locations for where to find the timber pines in the Fortnite map and how to knock them down with Ripsaw Launchers to complete the weekly challenge

A timber pine tree in Fortnite close to Logjam Lumberyard.

Want to know how to knock down timber pines in Fortnite? While these trees have been with us since Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, the area around them has changed dramatically. However, with the Reality Falls tree slowly taking over the island, this may be the last time we can appreciate these colossal conifers.

One challenge this week asks you to knock down Fortnite timber pines with a Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher. They’re different from regular pine trees in how they look, where you can find them, and what happens when you destroy them. However, once you locate these tall trees, you only need to knock down five timber pines with the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher to complete the challenge. This is worth doing as you’ll gain lots of experience towards the battle pass and unlock this season’s Fortnite skins and some free Fortnite V-bucks.

If you’ve not finished the previous challenges, we have some guides for the more challenging tasks, such as how to kill Darth Vader, where to find Fortnite diving boards, and all of the Fortnite reality seeds locations. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, here is where you can find the timber pines in Fortnite.

Fortnite timber pines locations

You can find many timber pines towards the northwest corner of the map, close to Logjam Lotus and Shifty Shafts. Look for the tallest trees with the paler trunks. When you hit them enough with your harvesting tool, they will fall over, leaving behind a tree stump that you can destroy.

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With that, you should quickly complete the challenge to knock down five timber pines in Fortnite. Aside from the weekly challenges, there are plenty of other unlockables in the battle royale game at this time. We have all of the Fortnite Tover Token locations, steps on how to complete Fortnite Nindo challenges to earn Naruto rewards, and everything you need to know about unlocking the Fortnite Major Mancake skin by playing Fall Guys.